360A - Floor Covering & Installation Services

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This contract covers the following flooring categories and installation depending on the number of square yards purchased from 1-999, 1000-1499 and over 1500:

  • Hard Surface in Good, Better, and Best Quality Levels and Cost

                 - Vinyl (sheet and solid tile)

                 - Rubber Tile

  • Carpet in Moderate, Heavy, and Severe Quality Levels and Cost

                 - Modular Tile (Types A-C)

                 - 6' Broadloom (Types A-C)

                 -12' Broadloom (Types A-C)

  • Installation

This is a mandatory Statewide Term Contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities and community colleges - unless exempted by North Carolina General Statute. Additionally, non-mandatory entities, including schools and local government, that are allowed by general statute may use this contract.

Contract Administrator: Bahaa Jizi

Telephone Number: 984-236-0218

eProcurement Status: Loaded


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