445B - Maintenance, Repair and Operation Supplies and Equipment (MRO)

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The contract covers five (5) categories:
  1. Electrical / Lighting (Electrical Equipment, Lamps, Ballasts, Fixtures, & Lighting);
  2. Industrial Supplies & Equipment (Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants & Coatings, Controls, Instrumentation, Testing & Measurements, Fasteners/Hardware, Fluid Power, HVAC/R (does not cover HVAC-Air Filters & Air Conditioners), Material Handling, Mechanical/Power Transmission, Plumbing/PVF, Welding);
  3. Janitorial Supplies & Equipment;
  4. Hand & Power Tools (Power Tools & Accessories, Outdoor Gardening Supplies and Equipment);
  5. PPE & Safety Supplies (Batteries, Safety & Security).
Products previously covered by the following STC are now within the scope of 445B: 285B-Ballasts, 450A-Dry Cell Batteries, 285D-Energy Saving Devices, and 285C LED Lighting.
This is a mandatory Statewide Term Contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities and community colleges - unless exempted by North Carolina General Statute. Additionally, non-mandatory entities including schools and local governments that are allowed by North Carolina General Statute may use this contract.
Contract Administrator: Bahaa Jizi 
Telephone Number: 984-236-0218  
eProcurement Status: Loaded



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