NC Council for Women Advisory Board

Photo of the Council for Women Advisory Board

The Council for Women Advisory Board consists of 20 members appointed by the Governor. The Council has the following functions and duties:

  1. To advise the Governor, the principal State departments, and the State legislature concerning the education and employment of women in the State of North Carolina; and
  2. To advise the Secretary of Administration upon any matters the Secretary may refer to the Council.

Mission: To achieve equality for all North Carolina women by advocating for education, health and safety, economic security and social justice.

Vision: North Carolina will be the best state for quality of life for women.

Current Initiatives:

Status of Women in North Carolina Reports

These reports will highlight the progress and obstacles of women and youth in NC, showing the diversity of their experiences across age, racial/ethnical backgrounds, immigrant status, and different regions of the state. The NC Council for Women and Youth Involvement will release the Status of Women as 4 separate reports: Employment & Earnings, Health & Well Being, Political Participation, and Poverty & Opportunity.

Meeting Dates

March 11, 2021 @ 11am - 1pm (Rescheduled from February 25)
All meetings will be held from
10:00am to 2:00pm (in person) or
10:00am to 12:00pm (virtual).  
May 20, 2021 (postponed - TBD)
August 12, 2021
October 21, 2021


Council Members 

Jenny Black (Chair) Candance Gingles Andreina C. Hall

Emily Kirby

Del Mattioli Catherine McDowell Crystal Moore

Dr. Kimberly Moore

Mindy Oakley Dana O'Donovan Dr. Particia Parker

Dr. N. Joyce Payne

The Honorable Robin Robinson Elsa Maria Jimenez-Salgado Adrienne Spinner

Carrie Stewart

Annette R. Taylor

Lyric Thompson

Katherine Woodbury


Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2020 CFW Meeting Minutes Approved
May 21, 2020 CFW Meeting Minutes Approved
August 20, 2020 CFW Meeting Minutes Approved
October 15, 2020 CFW Meeting Minutes Approved