Energy Data Utility Tracker

Facility Management Division has been tracking electrical and natural gas consumption data for buildings owned and maintained by Department of Administration on a monthly basis since November 1998. Previously this data was only available within the Facility Management local area network. However, this data is now available on the Internet. A guest account has been established for anyone wishing to view energy data within any of the buildings maintained by Department of Administration. This guest account basically gives the user read only rights to the database.

Various reports can also be generated with this account. The best report for information on an individual building is the Executive Summary. Select the desired building and enter the desired date range. The default date range is the current fiscal year. Click on the button labeled "Executive Summary by Site & Date" and the report will be generated. Report data can only be obtained for natural gas and electricity. The headings at the top of the page are Kwh (kilowatt hours), Kc (the cost of electricity in dollars), Ccf (hundred cubic feet of natural gas) and Nc (the cost of natural gas in dollars). Click on the Back button on the bottom of the report to return to the previous screen. Since most buildings are heated by the Central Steam Plant, reports for these facilities will not have any gas data.

To access this web page, please use the following link:

The guest account user name is doa and the password is guest. Use lower case since they are case sensitive.

Access the Energy Data Utility Tracker