Engineering Services

Alteration Request Procedure

  1. The agency must complete an Alteration Request. Each request must contain a scope of work, location (building name and office number), agency name with the name of the point of contact, telephone number, company and center fund numbers, and any other pertinent information. Company and center fund numbers are the line item codes in your agency's budget to which this work is to be invoiced against.
  2. Attach the completed document to an electronic mail message and send it to the email address shown on the form. Incomplete requests will be returned without action to the sender.
  3. Upon receipt, Facility Management will assign a project or work order number to the request.
  4. The request will be added to the project design list. Requests are prioritized on a first-in, first-out basis. Agencies can check the Project Listing to determine the current status of their project.
  5. Engineering Services will meet with the point of contact to confirm the scope of work. If required, projects may be forwarded to State Construction for design and construction. The requester will be notified which Division will be handling their request.
  6. Engineering Services will prepare a preliminary estimate for the requesting agency to ensure adequate funding will be available for the requested work. After the requesting agency has approved this preliminary estimate, detail plans and specifications will be created.
  7. The plans and specifications will be forwarded to the State Construction Office (SCO) for their review and approval.
  8. After SCO approval, a written cost estimate with a copy of the plans will be forwarded to the requestor for approval. The cost estimate will include an administrative fee of an additional 10% of the project cost or maximum of $2,000.00 for each project.
  9. After approval of the estimate, the project will be scheduled with the requesting agency, contractor(s) and Facility Management Shops.
  10. When construction is complete, the point of contact from the requesting agency will meet with Engineering Services and conduct a walk through inspection to confirm job completion and quality of work. If required, an inspection by SCO will be requested.
  11. The project will be invoiced and sent to the point of contact at the requesting agency. The invoice will include an administrative fee of an additional 10% of the project cost or maximum of $2,000.00 for each request. Payment for projects designed and completed by the State Construction Office will be coordinated by that Division.
  12. As-built drawings will be forwarded to the State Property Office.