Commission, Members and Bylaws

The Commission when fully appointed has 15 members.

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Commissioner Location Term Ends Appointing Authority


Dr. David Black Leeser

Immediate Past Chairman

Mr. Michael Tramber






December 31, 2020


December 31, 2020





Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Ms. Lisa McCanna Concord December 31, 2021 Senate
Dr. David Gerber Chapel Hill December 31, 2020 Governor
Mr. Joe Cabaleiro Raleigh December 31, 2020 House
Ms. Cynthia Squires Raleigh April 30, 2021 Governor
Ms. Amanda Mixon Raleigh December 31, 2021 Senate
Ms. Sheila P. Martin Rocky Mount April 30, 2021 Governor
Ms. Lynette G. Collins Jamesville April 30, 2021 Governor
Hon. Stephen Metcalf Weaverville April 30, 2021 Governor
Mr. Ray Riordan Holly Springs December 31, 2020 House
Mr. Charles C. Heald Durham December 31, 2021 Senate
Ms. Christina M. Nixon Matthews April 30, 2021 Governor
Ms. Diane Layden Belvidere December 31, 2021 Senate
Vacant     Governor