Consolidated PPE Supply Service Portal



The Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contract has established a Service Now portal to allow Agencies to submit their request for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) electronically.  Agencies should order PPE only for those employees who are currently on site.  We will continue to fill requests for PPE as frequently as needed, to ensure Agencies receive the type and quantity of PPE needed.  However, to prevent Agencies from stockpiling PPE for employees who are not on site, the P&C PPE Supply Administrator will closely monitor Agency requests to ensure the quantities align with the quantities provided during the PPE Survey.

By accessing the following Service Now Application Link to submit a PPE request, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the conditions above.  

Service Now Application Link - Please be sure to attach an appropriate facing slip (see examples below) to all orders submitted in the Portal.

Please send questions about PPE Supply or the Consolidated PPE Supply Service Portal via email to