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About Purchase and Contract

About Us

The State of North Carolina purchases a wide variety of products and services with a total value of over four billion dollars annually. The Division of Purchase & Contract (The Division) is the central procurement authority that oversees purchasing for all state departments, institutions, agencies, universities and community colleges.

The Division establishes term contracts by combining statewide procurement demands for commonly used items and disseminates procurement resources through email notification and searchable electronic catalogs within NC E-Procurement. The Division also provides training to procurement professionals and vendors, technical assistance on specifications and qualified products, compliance reviews and inspections.

Procurement solicitations from North Carolina state agencies, community colleges, universities, institutions, public school systems and some local government are available online through the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS). Registration through the North Carolina electronic Vendor Portal (the vendor portion of IPS) is required to receive email notification of bidding opportunities.

NC E-Procurement is the State’s online procurement system used by North Carolina state agencies, community colleges, universities, institutions, public school systems, some local government and charter schools. The system provides an innovative, cost-saving and efficient method of purchasing and offers suppliers with additional marketing efforts. Additionally, NC E-Procurement system visibility into statewide procurement, allowing the State to negotiate better term contract savings. 



"The mission of the Division of Purchase and Contract is to develop and implement sound procurement practices and provide quality service through teamwork and communication with State Agencies, Institutions, Universities, Community Colleges, and Vendors."