P&C’s Operations Team consists of Compliance Officers and Business Systems Analysts who provide essential support services for the Division.

The Business Systems Analysts provide reporting and analysis of Statewide procurement activities. The team gathers data from multiple sources then consolidates and validates the data for presentation and analysis in various formats. They provide insight to spending trends and costs by using systems analytics and other data mining techniques. The Business Systems Analysts also provide oversight and management of the Division’s technology; including the North Carolina E-Procurement System, Interactive Purchasing System and Vendor Registration System. This team also manages the Division’s business processes, forms and procedures to keep pace with changes in technology, laws, rules and other requirements. The Business Systems Analyst also provide project management of the Division’s projects and liaisons with the Enterprise Program Management Office of the Department of Information Technology.

The Compliance Officers are responsible for scheduling, conducting and reporting on Procurement Compliance across the State. The team accomplishes this mission by reviewing purchasing transactions from State Agencies, Community Colleges and Universities. The team visits each State Entity on a three-year cycle and provides an in-depth report of how well the entity is complying with the State’s purchasing laws, rules and procedures.