Contact Purchase and Contract

Main Office:

Division of Purchase & Contract
4th Floor (Receptionist: Office 4062)
116 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603-8002

Mailing Address:

North Carolina Department of Administration
Division of Purchase & Contract
1305 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1305

PandC Customer Service:

Phone: 984-236-0210

Director's Office

Name Title Phone Number
David O'Neal State Purchasing Officer 984-236-0241
Ashlee Jones Office Manager 984-236-0212

Strategic Sourcing (Click here for Service Team Details)

Name Title Phone Number
Vacant Deputy State Purchasing Officer, Strategic Sourcing     
Service Team 1
Nicole Mathis Service Team Manager 984-236-0228
Sandy Anderson Procurement Specialist 984-236-0216
Service Team 2
Nick Edwards Service Team Manager 984-236-0217
Melinda Tomlinson Procurement Specialist 984-236-0238
Daniel Lanning Procurement Specialist 984-236-0220
Robert Yelton Procurement Technician  
Service Team 3
Bahaa Jizi Service Team Manager 984-236-0218
Wanda Simmons Procurement Specialist 984-236-0226
Charmane Bess Procurement Technician 984-236-0240
Service Team 4
Frank Slifer Service Team Manager 984-236-0233
Steve Hussey Procurement Specialist 984-236-0232
Myra Welch Procurement Specialist 984-236-0242
Jordan Robbins Procurement Technician 984-236-0247
Consolidated PPE Management Program
Robert Tomlinson Manager/Supervisor (Inventory Associate) 984-220-0272
Pamela Ruffin Administrative Associate 919-733-6540 ext 4640
Abria Peterson Inventory Assistant 984-236-0210
Michael Clark Inventory Assistant 984-236-0212

Procurement Education

Name Title Phone Number
Dr. Jody Cleven Deputy Chief Learning Officer  984-236-0251
Camille Edwards Education Program Coordinator 984-236-0248
Daniel Dunnagan Staff Development Specialist 984-236-0235
Elizabeth Jones Staff Development Specialist 984-236-0259
Alex Lopez Staff Development Specialist  
Nicole Williams Program Analyst  
Kayla Glenn Professional Associate  
Jonah Schwartz Technical Writer  

Risk and Compliance Management

Name Title Phone Number
Tony Vinogradov Risk/Compliance Manager 984-236-0243
Tammie Kuhn Compliance Officer 984-236-0221
Bill Powell Compliance Officer 984-236-0245
Mona Lawson Compliance Officer 984-236-0223

Contract Management

Name Title Phone Number
Robert "Bob" Smith Attorney 984-236-0252
Liana Madison Agency Legal Consultant 984-236-0257

Systems Support

Name Title Phone Number
Danielle Hearst Systems Support Supervisor 984-236-0213
Jeffrey Gates Business Systems Analyst 984-236-0215
Sandra Gonzalez Business Systems Analyst 984-236-0250
Sana Azhar Professional Associate