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Forms for Office of Justice for Sterilization Victims

Persons potentially impacted by the authority of the North Carolina Eugenics Board program were born in or prior to 1961. The program operated from 1929 until 1974. If you feel that you were impacted and were born in or prior to 1961, you may submit a formal request to search the program records for a name match using the appropriate form below.

First Party - Verification Request 

Persons who believe they were directly impacted by the NC Eugenics Board Program should use the First Party form.

Third Party - Verification Request 

In limited circumstances, persons other than the potential victim may submit a verification request on behalf of the victim. For these circumstances, please use the Third Party Verification Request form. You will be asked to specify whether your Third Party Verification Request is being submitted on the behalf of a Living Potential Victim or a Deceased Potential Victim.

Living Potential Victim

For living potential victims, your Third Party form must be accompanied by proof of your permission to access these records in the form of a General Power of Attorney or Health Care Power of Attorney.

Deceased Potential Victim

For a deceased potential victim, your Third Party form must be accompanied by proof of your permission to access these records in the form of Letters Testamentary or a Letter of Administration. These court documents show that you are permitted access to these records as the executor or administrator of this person's estate. 

These court documents may be secured by contacting an attorney that specializes in estate planning or visiting your local Clerk of Superior Court. Please be aware that court filing fees are associated when requesting these documents from your local clerk of court. Feel free to contact the Foundation for more assistance or to be referred to the Senior Law Project for Legal Aid of North Carolina.

* All verification requests must be notarized. Due to a substantial increase in verification requests, please allow 8-12 weeks for processing after your form is submitted.