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2012 Sterilization Victims Foundation News Clips and News Releases

Date News Report
4/19/2014 Deadline set for sterilization claims; Eugenics victims must file by June 30
4/14/2014 Eugenics compensation deadline June 30; not all verified victims have filed new paperwork
1/10/2014 Charlotte Observer: Did N.C. pay eugenics victims?
8/9/2012 WFAE 90.7: NC Eugenics Victims, advocates wonder what’s next?
8/7/2012 News & Observer: Eugenics – The state can still act
8/5/2012 Washington Post: Virginia Delegate proposes payment for Virginia’s living victims
7/30/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: With a matching grant program, sterilization plan can still work
7/29/2012 News & Observer: Undeterred, she still tries to find justice for victims
7/19/2012 WRAL TV 5: NC Eugenics office reopens
7/19/2012 News & Observer: Eugenics office operating on shoestring
7/19/2012 Fayetteville Observer: State will pay in 2013 for cutting out people's reproductive organs
7/18/2012 Yes Weekly: Lawmakers waiting for sterilization victims to die
7/18/2012 Wilmington Star News: Sterilization victim ponders legal options
7/10/2012 Sampson Independent: Eugenics victims victimized again
7/9/2012 Burlington Times News: Victim fights for compensation for sterilization
7/6/2012 News & Observer: NC's sterilization history told in new play
7/5/2012 WBTV 3: Local sterilization victim to sue
7/2/2012 Watauga Democrat: Eugenics victims verified, not compensated
6/30/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: A Republican says the failure to compensate belongs to republicans
6/30/2012 Charlotte Observer: Eugenics Compensation can still start this year
6/30/2012 Greensboro News & Record: NC Democrats promoted eugenics
6/30/2012 Myrtle Beach Online: A Noble fight to right eugenics wrongs foiled
6/30/2012 Mount Airy News: Would'nt it be nice if we could change history?
6/29/2012 WBTV 3: Governor Perdue wants compensation for eugenics victims
6/27/2012 Mount Airy News: Eugenics Compensation has no easy answers
6/27/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: John Hood makes the conservative case for sterilization compensation
6/27/2012 Charlotte Post: NC Eugenics compensation out for now
6/26/2012 Mount Airy News: East defends stand on sterilization victims
6/26/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: Threat of bad publicity from a suit is one more reason to put compensation in budget
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6/25/2012 Richmond Daily Journal: Eugenics survivor remembers: You won’t have ‘bread-eaters’
6/25/2012 CNN Anderson 360: Forced Sterilization Compensation Denied
6/24/2012 Al Jazeera: Forced sterilization: Time for compensation?
6/24/2012 Laurinburg Exchange: Senate says no to eugenics victims
6/22/2012 WWGP AM 1050: Some Sterilization Victims may be in Lee County
6/21/2012 Shelby Star: No compensation for sterilization victims
6/21/2012 CBS News: No Money for forced sterilization victims in NC
6/21/2012 PBS News Hour: NC drops payment to forced sterilization victims
6/21/2012 USA Today: NC Senate rejects pay for sterilization victims
6/21/2012 Reuters: No money for sterilization victims in NC budget
6/21/2012 NC News Network: Compromise budget missing sterilization victim compensation
6/21/2012 Boston Herald: NC legislators offer state budget without eugenics provision
6/20/2012 NY Times: Payments for Victims of Eugenics are Shelved
6/20/2012 Seattle Times Questions, answers about history of eugenics in US 
6/20/2012 Asheville Citizen Times: Sterilization Victim angry budget lacks compensation
6/20/2012 WWAY ABC 3 Wilmington: Local Victim not giving up hope
6/20/2012 Associated Press: No Money for Forced Sterilization victims in NC
6/20/2012 BBC News US & Canada: NC rejects funds for sterilization victims
6/20/2012 Mint Press News: NC Senate says ‘No’ to Payouts for Victims secretly sterilized by Government
6/18/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: NC Republicans divided on sterilization payments
6/18/2012 Burlington Times News: Repayment to eugenics victims a moral imperative
6/17/2012 Southern Pines Pilot: Enough Stalling on Eugenics bill
6/17/2012 Pilot Online: NC Republicans divided on sterilization payments
6/16/2012 Kinston Editorial: Sterilization victims owed debt by state
6/15/2012 WRAL New 5: Robeson woman was victim of NC's forced sterilization program
6/14/2012 Star News: Payments to eugenics victims looking doubtful
6/13/2012 ABC WWAY 3: Sterilization victim reacts to absent compensation bill in State budget
6/13/2012 Progressive Pulse video: Senate passes budget, pans eugenics compensation
6/13/2012 Mooresville Tribune: NC Eugenics bill - Grey Mills defends his vote
6/12/2012 Gaston Gazette: Eugenics compensation absent from Senate budget bill
6/12/2012 Richmond Daily Journal: Lawmakers talk bipartisan issues at breakfast
6/11/2012 Charlotte Observer: Historic eugenics vote could stall in Senate
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6/8/2012 Gaston Gazette: Hastings votes not to pay victims of forced sterilization
6/7/2012 News & Observer: Eugenics in the House
6/6/2012 Progressive Pulse: Eugenics 'no' votes say a lot about the General Assembly
6/5/2012 Progressive Pulse video: NC House passes eugenics bill, despite push to reduce compensation
6/5/2012 WFAE 90.7: Eugenics Compensation bill passes NC House 
6/5/2012 News & Observer: NC House approved measure compensating victims
6/4/2012 Indian Country Today: Preemptive Genocide
5/31/2012 Anderson Show: Rep. Earline Parmon discusses compensation for sterilization victims 
5/30/2012 NC State Technician: Living survivors of state's eugenics program will receive $50,000
5/24/2012 NBC 17: Lawmakers vow eugenics bill will be funded
5/23/2012 Southern Pines Pilot: State seeking eugenics victims 
5/23/2012 Progressive Pulse: "No" to eugenics compensation? Really??!!
5/23/2012 USA Today: NC may compensate sterilization victims
5/23/2012 News-Record: Eugenics victims move closer to getting compensation
5/22/2012 UNC-TV Video: NC Rep. Larry Womble's Speech on Eugenics Program Victims' Compensation
5/21/2012 News 14 Carolina: Raleigh students' documentary highlights NC eugenics story
5/21/2012 Charlotte Observer: NC legislature so far……"A" for eugenics legislation
5/20/2012 Laurinburg Exchange: Sterilized victims in Scotland county may be helped
5/18/2012 Star News: Eugenics compensation high on NCGA agenda
5/18/2012 Charlotte Observer: Hearing set for payments to eugenics victims
5/17/2012 WFAE 90.7: Lawmakers advance bill to compensate NC eugenics victims
5/16/2012 WSOC TV: Tillis sponsoring eugenics payout bill
5/16/2012 Charlotte Post: Sterilization payment bill filed
5/16/2012 Independent Weekly: Womble bill would compensate victims
5/16/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: For the victims of sterilization, history will be made
5/13/2012 NC Policy Watch: Charmaine Fuller Cooper explains why legislators push for compensation
5/13/2012 LA Times Op-ed: A crime against motherhood; horrifying exercise in genetic engineering
5/13/2012 LA Times Response Letters: Eugenics in America's Past
5/9/2012 Raleigh students honored for eugenics documentary
5/9/2012 Photos: Survivors of NC's Eugenics Program
5/6/2012 Watauga Democrat: Ashe woman among those seeking justice for NC wrongdoing
5/4/2012 Fox News: Peru's Fujimori may face charges for Forced Sterilizations
4/30/2012 WWGP AM 1050: Some Sterilization Victims may be in Lee County
4/29/2012 WECT 6: More sterilization victims confirmed, Columbus County
4/28/2012 NY Times: Truth and Atonement in NC
4/26/2012 WGHP Fox 8: Perdue urges $10M for sterilization victims
4/25/2012 WFAE 90.7: Gov Recommends $10.3M to compensate eugenics victims
4/25/2012 Associated Press: NC Gov urges $10.3M to compensate eugenics victims
4/25/2012 McDowell News: One eugenics victim verified in McDowell
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4/25/2012 WRAL 5: Perdue pledges $10.3M for eugenics efforts
4/25/2012 WRAL 5: Author to discuss NC eugenics regime at Legislature
4/25/2012 News and Observer: Search for NC sterilization victims continues
4/20/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Opinion: Author Edwin Black on NC's Sterilization program
4/18/2012 Christian Today Australia: Eugenics in the US continues to be under the microscope
4/13/2012 John Locke Foundation: Righting Some Wrongs
4/12/2012 Carolina Journal: How Governments Abuse Their Power
4/12/2012 The Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Why sterilization victims should get cash
4/5/2012 Carolina Public Press: New numbers show slow pace of IDing N.C.s sterilization victims
4/2/2012 Duke Chronicle: State prepares reparations for eugenics victims
3/30/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Money for sterilization victims can be found
3/25/2012 Burlington Times-News: Foundation seeks justice for state's sterilization victims
3/22/2012 Biopolitical Times: NC Leads the Way in Compensation for Eugenic Sterilization Victims
3/22/2012 Greenville WNCT: More Victims of ‘North Carolina’s Holocaust’ come forward
3/21/2012 Wilmington Journal: Governor Perdue Encourages More to come forward
3/21/2012 Independent Weekly: Search for Eugenics Victims Continues
3/21/2012 Wilkes Journal-Patriot: Sterilization Victims are still sought
3/21/2012 Statesville Record and Landmark: Of Iredell’s 104 Eugenic’s Board cases, 2 have been confirmed
3/20/2012 News and Observer: NC tries to find Eugenics Victims
3/20/2012 News 14 Carolina: Perdue asks Sterilization Victims to Come Forward
3/20/2012 WSOC TV: 43 Eugenics Victims Were from McDowell
3/19/2012 Wilmington WECT: Pender Co. resident verified as sterilization victim
3/19/2012 Wilmington WECT: Brunswick Co. resident verified as sterilization victim
3/19/2012 WFAE 90.7: 111 Eugenics Victims Foundation, Compensation Bill Ready Soon
3/19/2012 Asheville Mountain Xpress: Despite High Number of Authorized Sterilizations No One in Buncombe has come forward
3/19/2012 Gastonia WBTV: Local Woman Forcibly Sterilized Speaks out for First Time
3/9/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Tillis must proceed on setting up committee for compensation
3/9/2012 April 2012: Essence magazine, "Sterilized by the State"
3/2/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Berger must be on board
3/1/2012 Winston Salem Journal/Guest Column: Taking a second look at eugenics compensation
2/23/2012 WECT - NBC 6: Special Report - Sterilization Victims (Lela Dunston/Elnora Mills) Talk about Their Pain
2/17/2012 Winston Salem Journal Editorial: Compensation package for sterilization victims should include counseling
2/12/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Sterilization was betrayal of Sanford’s New South
2/10/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: State must find sterilization victims
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2/9/2012 Watauga Democrat: Our View: Shame in the past has much to teach future
2/3/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Opinion: Sterilization compensation fits with state's character
2/2/2012 WFAE/Julie Rose: Tillis Hosts Emotional Town Hall Meeting On Eugenics
2/2/2012 Charlotte Observer: Pain laid bare at eugenics hearing
2/1/2012 Carolina Public Press: Task force: Make prompt payments to sterilization victims, document troubling history
2/1/2012 WBTV: NC eugenics victims have their say at state sponsored hearing
1/31/2012 Progressive Pulse: Eugenics town hall sparks call for quick compensation, continued education (video)
1/29/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Woman whose relatives were sterilized says time is the enemy
1/29/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Tillis, Perdue just may make history together
1/27/2012 Charlotte Observer: Report: $50,000 for N.C. eugenics victims
1/23/2012 Atlanta Journal Constitution: Compensation for state-enforced sterilization: Money won't be enough
1/20/2012 Charlotte Observer: Sterilization forum coming to Charlotte
1/18/2012 Independent Weekly: Charmaine Fuller Cooper
1/17/2012 Richmond County Daily Journal: Eugenics victims can receive $50,000 if they come forward
1/16/2012 The Times-Picayuane Editorial (New Orleans): More than an apology for people who were sterilized against their will
1/13/2012 Fayetteville Observer Editorial: Closure - Eugenics victims still await acknowledgment
1/13/2012 Sterilizing the Left’s Eugenics History
1/13/2012 N&O Letter to Editor: Far more for victims
1/13/2012 Huffington Post: Making Things Right, Many Years Later
1/11/2012 Wilmington Star-News Editorial: It will cost millions, but we are obligated to compensate sterilization victims
1/11/2012 Washington Post: How much is enough for eugenics victims?
1/11/2012 Winston-Salem Journal: Is cost more important than morality in eugenics reimbursement?
1/11/2012 Independent Weekly: Task force recommends $50,000 for eugenics victims
1/11/2012 NYTimes: Payment Set for Those Sterilized in Program
1/11/2012 Charlotte Observer Editorial: How much does N.C. owe eugenics victims?
1/10/2012 PBS NewsHour: North Carolina Moves to Compensate People Sterilized Against Their Will
1/10/2012 WNCN: Eugenics task force recommends $50,000 for victim compensation
1/10/2012 Progressive Pulse: A decade after an apology, NC eugenics victims could see $50,000 each
1/10/2012 CNN: Task force recommends $50,000 payment to N.C. sterilization victims
1/10/2012 N&O: N.C. task force recommends $50,000 for eugenics victims
1/9/2012 WCTI: NC Will be Only State in U.S. to Pay Victims of Sterilization
1/6/2012 Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: The state must finally do right by sterilization victims
1/5/2012 John Locke Foundation: Compensating NC’s Eugenics Victims
1/5/2012 WFAE: Task Force To Vote On Compensation For Sterilization Victims Next Week
12/28/2011 NPR: A Brutal Chapter In North Carolina's Eugenics Past
8/25/2011 STLToday: Exhibit examines medical horrors of Holocaust