Financial Caregivers

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Releases Booklets for Financial Caregivers

Working to empower older Americans to make sound financial decisions and be economically secure, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released four easy-to-understand booklets to help financial caregivers. The Managing Someone Else's Money guides are for agents under powers of attorneycourt-appointed guardianstrustees, and government fiduciaries (Social Security representative payees and Veterans Affairs fiduciaries.)

The guides help financial caregivers:

  • By walking the caregiver through his or her duties.
  • By telling caregivers how to watch out for scams and financial exploitation, and what to do if their loved one is a victim.
  • By providing the caregiver with resources, including where to turn for help.

Click here for additional resources for older Americans and their families are available here.

Click here to access the CFPB blog article.