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Family Violence Prevention Services Grants for Domestic Violence Shelters and Supportive Services (FVPSA)
Frequently Asked Questions



Is NC Department of Administration, (DOA) Division of NC Council for Women (NCCFW) responsible for the state’s administration of the Family Violence and Prevention Program? (FVPSA)   Return to Index


When will DOA CFW take over the administration of the program   Return to Index

The DOA CFW worked with DHHS on the transfer since February 2014. The transfer was approved by the Governor. DHHS closed out the fiscal year of 10/1/2013 – 9/30/2014. The first fiscal year for DOA NCCFW to administer the program was 10/1/2014 – 9/30/2015.

Will the NC Council for Women have the annual meeting for recipients of FVPSA dollars?   Return to Index

Yes. The Council had their annual meeting June 11 - 12th, 2015.  Details for 2016 will be posted when available.

Will the priorities remain the same for the FVPSA program?   Return to Index

Yes. The priorities will remain the same as previous years.

Is the FVPSA a part of the Contract Amendment for Council for Women state grant?   Return to Index

No. FVPSA is a federal funded grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

What will the reimbursement process look like

The reimbursement process will remain very similar to the current process. Reimbursement reports will be due on the 10th of each month and funds will be released by ACH only on the 20th.

Will there be any changes with statistical reporting?   Return to Index

Quarterly reports will be submitted to NC Council for Women. Reports format will be posted and available on website.

When is the application/contract process?   Return to Index

The application and the contract process will be two separate processes. 

  1. The application process which starts June 26, 2015. The forms for the application process are located on the NCCFW’s FVPSA website under the forms tab. The application should be submitted to ncfvpsa@doa.nc.gov by July 24, 2015.
  2. The instructions on the contract process will be distributed to selected grantees. You may contact ncfvpsa@doa.nc.gov for additional information on the contract process.

Is the 25% match amount included in the award letter allocation?   Return to Index

Yes, the 25% match is included in the award letter allocation.

Does the first page of the application need to be sent hard copy and by email since it must be signed in BLUE ink by the Executive Director and the Board President?  Return to Index


Is the application and the budget template located on the website?   Return to Index

Yes, on the Grants page under Grants Applications and Required Documents.

Is the FVPSA match 20%?   Return to Index

Yes the FVPSA match is 20%.

What does “DBA” mean (pg 2)?   Return to Index

Doing Business As

What is looked for in the Scope of Work section (pg 6)?   Return to Index

The Scope of Work section should be used to outline the overall work of your entire agency. This section should have a broad overview about your agency's work.

What is the difference between the Program Narrative and Scope of Work?   Return to Index

The program narrative is to specifically discuss the FVPSA-related program for which you are requesting funding, whereas, the Scope of Work section is asking for a description about what your agency does as a whole.

Why are Private Non-Profit and 501(c)3 listed as two separate options, under Agency Status (pg 2)?   Return to Index

The two options are listed that way to distinguish between agencies that are not for profit and those who have their 501(c)3 status.

If my agency is solely a sexual assault agency are we eligible to apply for the FVPSA grant?  Return to Index

FVPSA funding is specifically designated for domestic violence, dating violence, or family violence. Shelter grants and prevention grants can only be used to reimburse teen dating violence, family violence, and domestic violence programs and shelters. Prevention programs are identified and funded based on NCCFW priorities.

My agency does not have a shelter program. Can we still apply for the FVPSA grant?   Return to Index

If your agency offers domestic violence, dating violence, and family violence services, you are still eligible. If your agency already receives CFW state funds for services provided, this may be a good indication that you have met a major requirement for eligibility.

Should my agency complete separate applications for each county that we serve?   Return to Index

No, one application should be used to outline your work in all counties that you serve.

What is the due date for the FVPSA program and match proposed budgets?   Return to Index

September 4, 2015

Is a FVPSA budget narrative required to be submitted with FFY15-16 proposed budget?   Return to Index

Yes, please submit a budget narrative along with your proposed program budget.

Is a budget narrative required for the proposed budget for the FVPSA 20% match?   Return to Index

No, a budget narrative is not required on your proposed budget for your 20% match