Project COPE


Project C.O.P.E. aims to provide awareness on human trafficking to educators, youth and community leaders. Since C.O.P.E. was launched, staff have collaborated with many youth partners throughout North Carolina in an effort to expand human trafficking awareness and preventative efforts. C.O.P.E. provides training, technical assistance, and resources to schools and communities across North Carolina.


Getting the community involved and aware is pivotal in the fight against human trafficking in North Carolina. Project C.O.P.E. falls in accordance with Senate Bill 279, which makes education on human trafficking and healthy relationships a requirement in schools across the state. As part of outreach for the project, C.O.P.E. scheduled a partner meeting for current partners, a speaking engagement at UNC Pembroke and a town hall in Bertie County. Since C.O.P.E. was launched, it has trained over 2,000 professionals, community members and advocates.


The purpose of Project C.O.P.E. is to improve and expand mentoring services, in particular for those at risk of sexual exploitation. C.O.P.E. aims to strengthen protective factors among vulnerable populations throughout North Carolina. The data collected throughout this project will be utilized to help improve child safety throughout the state.


One of the goals of Project C.O.P.E is to increase adult and youth awareness on the issue of human trafficking in order to eradicate it from our state. C.O.P.E. empowers communities by making them aware of resources available in their area and teaching them how to utilize those resources.  

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