How to Apply

Applications will be submitted ONLINE only. Please click here to apply. First, create your online account profile. Next, apply for any position listed through the online job application system. You may search the keyword “internship” to find postings easily. All posting will begin with, “State of NC Internship - …” 


Applications must be completed by Monday, January 13, 2020.


Tailor Your Application to Each Specific Internship

Read the internship listing carefully. When you fill out the application be sure to highlight all the knowledge, skills and abilities/competencies that make you a strong fit for the position for which you are applying. Also make sure your cover letter(s) are tailored for the internship you are applying for.




Double check your application for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting. You do not want your application passed over because of typos. Use the spell checker on your computer and, if possible, have someone proof- read your application for errors. Another set of eyes can find things you missed.



Promote Your Strengths

The selection process is competitive. You are often competing against many other applicants. The best way to sell yourself is to focus on the strengths you possess and minimize any weaknesses. Be clear and concise about expressing your skills and experiences as they relate to the internship.



Do Not Falsify Information

Be truthful about your work experience, education, and other information you provide on an application.




Don’t forget to mail required documents as instructed.

Be sure not to forget to include customized cover letter(s), resume, and transcript (unofficial is ok). For students that are in Law School you will need to provide a 3-page writing sample.