NC Youth Advisory Council

The 20-member Council Board:

(1) Advises the youth councils of North Carolina;

(2) Encourage State and local councils to take an active part in governmental and civic affairs, promote and participate in leadership and citizenship programs, and cooperate with other youth-oriented groups;

(3) To receive on behalf of the Department of Administration and to recommend expenditure of gifts and grants from public and private donors;

(4) To establish procedures for the election of is youth representatives by the State Youth Council; and

(5) To advise the Secretary of Administration upon any matter the Secretary may refer to it.


Council Members

Veronica Butcher, Chair

Dr. Naveed Khalid Aziz

Siva Bodavula

John C. Easterling III

Greg Moore

Beth Brody

Nathan Summers

Rhyan Breen

Dr. Todd Rosendahl

Theresa Mathis

Rebecca Mitchell

Aaron Williams

Konstance Woods

Enijah Pace

Zachary Winstead

Raymond Palma

Taylor Booth