National Census Day – Let’s Make NC Count

Make NC Count | Census.NC.Gov

National Census Day was April 1, 2020. Even though this observance falls on April Fool’s Day, the Census is no laughing matter. A lot is at stake and we need your help to Make North Carolina Count!

A complete and accurate population count in the 2020 Census is critical to shaping our state’s future for the next decade. Due to COVID-19 and its affects on our present infrastructure, it is apparent that more than ever we’ll need access to data and many community programs and services that could help facilitate a faster recovery within our state.

The Census is safe, easy and important! It only takes 10 minutes or less to complete the Census, minutes that could help shape the next 10 years of our lives. As of April 26, North Carolina’s response rate is 38th in the nation at 48.7%. According to the George Washington University, “Counting for Dollars 2020” report on North Carolina, more than $1,823 in federal and state funds per person per year is on the line. A modest 3% undercount would have a significant impact for North Carolinians:

•    $1.8 Billion in rural communities

•    $400 Million for veterans

•    $333 Million for children under age 5

•    $930 Million for African American communities

•    $545 Million for Hispanic/Latino populations

•    $50 Million for Native Americans

Do you want to know where your community stands? You can track your county’s participation rate using the U.S. Census Bureau Response Rate Map.

How you can help?

Completing the Census is the first step. If you haven’t filled out your Census questionnaire, you may do so online using your computer or mobile device. Visit to complete your questionnaire today! You can also take the Census by phone or send your completed questionnaire via U.S. mail. Census support is provided in more than 60 languages.

Already completed your Census questionnaire?

Join us in encouraging others to Make NC Count. A list of NC Census Outreach and Engagement Tools is available on under the Resource Library page. Be sure to check it out! We appreciate your support.

Aldesha Gore, Asst. Comm. Director, DOA PIO Office