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Fiscal Management Staff Listing

Main Office: 919-807-2444
Fax: 919-733-0021

Name / Title Email Address Contact Numbers
Brannon, Bryan
Chief Financial Officer 919-807-2444
Brooker, Jessica
Reporting/CAFR/EAGLE 919-807-2463
Bryant, Sandra
Purchasing Agent 919-807-2456
Bunn, Susan
Budget Analyst 919-807-2458

Campbell, Lisa 
Purchasing Agent 919-807-2466
Cassell, Donna
Accounting Technician/CMCS 919-807-2453
Chafalovitch, Angela
Financial Reporting Manager 919-807-2474
Chilton, Carolyn
Accounting Technician/Payroll Officer 919-807-2471
Chong, Yong
Accounting Technician/CMCS/Accounts Receivable 919-807-2454
Clayton, Gary
Purchasing Technician 919-807-2469
Daniels, Wendy
Accounting Technician, AP 919-807-2478 

DePinto, Joni
Accounting Technician, AP 919-807-2467
Derrington, Charlene
Office Assistant 919-807-2444

Hill, Stacey
Accounting Technician, AP 919-807-2465
Hultgren, Joy
Budget Analyst 919-807-2461 
Hunt, Prentice
Budget Manager

Jodrie, Corinne
Fixed Assets Manager 919-807-2494

Lang, Sonya
Accounting Technician, AP 919-807-2476
Moreno, Elizabeth
Accountant/Grants 919-807-2475
Norwood, Tony
Accounting and Payroll Services Manager 919-807-2460
Poole, Edna
Accountant/Capital Improvements 919-807-2468

Swartz, Meredith
Purchasing Officer 919-807-2464
Watson, Theresa
Cash Manager 919-807-2467
Zhu, Ling
Reporting/CAFR/EAGLE 919-807-2457