HUB Emerging Contractors Program

HUB Emerging Contractors ProgramThe Emerging Contractors Program (ECP):

The Emerging Contractors Program is a program for HUB Certified firms designed to encourage open competition, while providing equal access to contracting opportunities for those firms. The objective of the program is to identify small and HUB firms for construction and construction related services for the state Repair and Renovation projects and Connect NC Bond projects. Following the completion of the ECP application process, the HUB office will utilize the ECP database to provide approved HUB/ECP firms capabilities to Capital Project Coordinators (CPCs), project managers and owners throughout the state agencies, college and university system, when opportunities arise.

Emerging Contractors are those HUB Certified firms who are:

Considered "Ready, willing and able" to do business with State Government –
To include all Agencies, K-12 Schools and the College/University System

Open to communications with HUB Office via Phone/Email –
Seeking out information to do business with the state
Business development activities
Knowledge and research

Attending state sponsored business events -
Pre-bid Meetings
Meet with HUB Office Business Development Staff
Networking Events

Ready to make changes, grow and improve their business and capacity -
Grow their company’s sales and profits
Add one or more employees
Build relationships with new partners (GC’s, state agencies, architects, etc.)

ECP participants must be Ready to Expand and Build their Business!

HUB/ECP Eligibility Requirements

To become a HUB certified ECP participant, a firm must meet the eligibility criteria defined below:

  • Certification: Firm must be HUB Certified.
  • Business Status: An applicant must be a for-profit business currently in good standing with the North Carolina Secretary of State.
  • Independence: The applicant must be an independent business. It must demonstrate that its viability does not depend upon a relationship with another business or businesses.
  • Qualifying Principal Area of Business: The applicant's principal area of business must be to provide professional or construction services as needed by the State of North Carolina.
  • Debarment and Conviction: The business or any principal of the business shall not have been debarred or convicted of bid-related crimes or violations within the past five years in any state or federal jurisdiction, or be under notice of intent to debar in any jurisdiction.
  • Truth and Honesty: The business or any principal of the business shall not provide false, deceptive, or fraudulent statements in the ECP application or in any other information, statements, or documents submitted to the HUB Office.
  • Cooperation and Complete Disclosure: The business must respond timely to, and fully comply with, all requests for information made by the HUB Office regarding participation in the ECP program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain opportunities?

  • Market to the agency that the company desires to work with
  • Apply to be a part of the Emerging Contractors Program. Through an online registration process, the Emerging Contractors Program invites HUB Certified construction firms to identify themselves, their experience and their capacity to bid-on, and win, contracts. Once identified, firms may be invited to bid on formal and informal construction projects via the Repair and Renovation projects available within each state agency and Connect NC bond projects.

What is the threshold dollar amount for informal bids?

  • Any project less than $500k
  • Some agencies will formally advertise projects that are above $300k but less than $500k
  • Informal projects are done through invitation.
  • If a HUB firm is interested in R&R projects, they should complete the application for the Emerging Contractors Program.
  • Through the application process, a vendor profile will be created for each firm.
  • Approved ECP firms should select projects that they are interested in and have the capacity to perform in advance. Once projects have been approved to bid by the State Construction Office, agency CPC's will receive Vendor Profiles from the HUB Office on a per project basis- this is based on the project selection made by the firm. ECP firms referred will then receive an invitation from the agency and/or the designer/architect of the project.