Fuel & Charging Stations

WEX Fuel Cards

WEX Fuel Card Instructions

When using the WEX card, be sure to enter the correct odometer reading rounded to the nearest integer.

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Need a fuel or charging station?

E10 Fuel is available at the Motor Fleet facility at 1915 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC and most any convenience store in the Triangle area.

Find a gas station that sells E85

Find a ChargePoint location

The NC Fuel Credit card (Wright Express) is accepted at many commercial sites. Find gas station that accepts WEX fuel card

Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

ChargePoint has partnered with WEX to provide charging solutions for Electric Vehicles (EVs).  All Motor Fleet Management-assigned EVs come with a ChargePoint card. Simply drive up to one of the nearly 800 ChargePoint locations in North Carolina, waive your MFM assigned ChargePoint RFID card near the reader, and plug in!