Driver's Toolkit

Driver Duties

  1. Complete scheduled preventative maintenance.
  2. Complete annual state inspection.
    • Inspections are due annually on the month noted on the vehicle registration.
    • Contact Motor Fleet if you need help finding an emission station in your county.
    • Late fees for missed inspections are billed to the drivers agency.
    • Click to find nearby inspection stations.
  3. Respond to Holman maintenance and recall emails.
    • Drivers will get an email when services are due or if there is a manufacturer’s recall.
    • Holman does not send annual state inspection emails.
    • Vehicles must be taken in for service once per year even if no email is received.
  4. Report accidents, vandalism, fire, theft or other damage.
    • What to do in case of an accident:
      1. Call the police (911).
        • If someone is injured, request medical assistance.
        • If fire is involved, request fire department aid.
        • Answer police questions.
        • You should receive a case/report number from the police.
        • Get the information exchange paperwork from the responding officer.
      2. Give identifying information to the police and other party involved
      3. Get as much information as possible (Write it down. Include it in your accident report)
        • Date & time of accident
        • Plate number, year, make, model, and color of all vehicles involved
        • Owner(s) of all involved vehicles, names, addresses, phone numbers
        • Insurance company and policy number of all involved vehicles
        • Names, addresses, phone numbers of all involved persons
        • Note any injuries 
    • As soon as possible (within 24 hours)
      1. Report to your supervisor
      2. Report to your Agency Fleet Coordinator
      3. Report to Holman - Reports must be complete and include all details of the accident
        1. By phone: 1-800-277-8181
        2. By email: fill out this form & return to 

Questions? Find MFM contacts here.

This page was last modified on 09/19/2023