Motor Fleet Management FAQs


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If you would like to lease a car from Motor Fleet Management, please be familiar with our leasing rates, and rules and regulations as well as current vehicle availability. For vehicle availability please contact fleet assignment at 919-733-6540. A completed FM-30 New Request form is required to request a vehicle. Find more information on our website or contact your agency's fleet coordinator. All our prices include the monthly lease rate, MF admin fees, vehicle maintenance/repair costs, and vehicle insurance. A WEX fuel card is also issued with each vehicle. Fuel cost charged on the card are billed to your agency monthly. 

If you would like to return an assigned Motor Fleet vehicle, please first check with your fleet coordinator to see if the vehicle can be utilized elsewhere within your agency. If the vehicle cannot be repurposed, please contact the vehicle assignment department at 919-733-6540 to schedule an appointment. 

Except in rare circumstances vehicles are replaced on the schedule approved by the General Assembly which is typically around 8 years or 100,000 miles. 
If vehicle exchange is absolutely required and can be justified, you would first contact your vehicle coordinator to see if a change can be done within your agency. If your coordinator cannot accommodate the change, then you must complete a New Request FM-30 form. In the section labeled “Why vehicle is needed and how it will be used”, please make a note of your current vehicle number, and what make/model you would like to exchange it for.  Then provide a compelling justification. If you have any questions about vehicle availability, please contact the vehicle assignment department at 919-733-6540.

If your WEX fuel card is not working, please first check that your WEX card matches the current vehicle you are trying to fill up. Vehicle numbers are on the lower left corner of each card, the lower left corner of the vehicle’s windshield, and the vehicle’s registration card.  Your vehicle number is not your PIN number.  Next please ensure you are using the correct PIN number. This is a unique 6-digit number that is issued with each card. Most fuel pumps refer to this number as the “driver ID number”. If you have verified your information is correct and your card is still not working, please contact Motor Fleet at 919-733-6540 for further assistance. 

WEX Fuel Card information


Your WEX fuel card PIN number is a unique 6-digit number assigned to each fuel card. It is issued at the start of every assignment. Your WEX fuel card PIN number is also called the driver ID number at most fuel pumps. 

A FM-30 form is required anytime an assigned driver has changed or anytime a new assignment is requested. If you are changing an existing assignment please choose FM-30 change of existing vehicle, if it is a new request please choose new request FM-30.

You can find FM-30 forms on our website. You will need to know the difference between agency assignments and individual assignments before beginning as well as your company fund/center number, department, vehicle parking location and driver information.

Please completely fill out the FM-30 form including any vehicle specific notes or requests in the “why vehicle is needed and how it will be used” section. Once the form is completely filled out, please print it and have it signed by the driver, your director/supervisor, and your vehicle coordinator.

Next please email the FM-30 and a copy of the driver’s license to Once we receive the completed form and driver’s license, we will process the application and reach out to schedule an appointment once a vehicle becomes available.

If you have any question or concerns regarding the FM-30 process, please contact us at 919-733-6540.


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Call Holman at 800-277-8181 to get a Holman-approved vendor location close to you, or if you already know one, take the vehicle to them for service.

If you are located within 20 miles of Motor Fleet, please contact our Service Department at 919-733-7772 to set up an appointment.

Holman will send the assigned driver an email 15 days before your service is due, and another email when the vehicle is late for service.

If you do not receive the emails, the vehicle is not assigned to you. You may need to contact your Agency Fleet Coordinator or the MFM Assignment team to correct the assignment. 

Each year, the inspection is due on the month the car was registered. You can locate this on your vehicle registration card in the glove box, or you can always call the Motor Fleet Service Department to obtain the inspection date.

For accidents, fire, theft, vandalism, or other damage. You must:

  1. Call the police. 
    1. Answer police questions.  Give identifying information to the other party involved
    2. Get a case/report number from the police.  Get the information exchange information form from the police
  2. Get as much information as possible
    1. Date and Time of the accident/incident
    2. Write down and include in your report the following:
      1. All vehicles - Plate number, year, make, model, color, 
      2. All people - Drivers names, owners names (if different from the driver), passenger names, their addresses, telephone numbers 
      3. All coverage – Insurance companies, policy numbers
  3. Report the Accident (within 24 hours) 
    1. Report to your supervisor
    2. Report to your Agency Fleet Coordinator
    3. Report to Holman by phone or save time by submitting an Accident/Incident Report Form

DMV Title Office

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To get a duplicate registration card for an agency owned vehicle please complete an MVR-10 form as well as the Motor Fleet DMV Invoice and email it to our title department at:

If you have a Motor Fleet-leased vehicle and would like a duplicate registration, please email us your request at  

To get new tags on an agency owned vehicle please have the following original documents filled out: notarized Title application (MVR-1), vehicle invoice or bill of sale, notarized MCO (manufacturer certificate of origin), damage disclosure statement, Odometer disclosure statement, and the Motor Fleet DMV invoice. 

All Motor Fleet vehicles have a permanent state tag unless otherwise requested. Although registration renewal is not needed on a permanent state tag, a vehicle inspection will still need to be performed yearly.

Your inspection due date is one year from the date of your last inspection. You can also find this on your registration card or by contacting Motor Fleet at 919-733-6540.

Drivers that have a white tag on their vehicle will be notified to perform a state inspection 1-2 months before the registration renewal is due.   

All send to surplus requests are done through our Motor Fleet Management software. If you do not currently have access to this system, please contact fleet assignment at 919-733-6540. All orders are processed as soon as possible, and you will be notified when the title has been sent to State Surplus Property.


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The Agency Fleet Coordinator is the point of contact and is responsible for maintaining records supporting state-owned vehicles for an agency. This includes vehicles owned and assigned by Motor Fleet Management (MFM) and vehicles owned by the respective agency.

Because vehicle use and ownership creates a significant financial cost and potential liability exposure, MFM recommends Agency Fleet Coordinator duties be assigned to a position which has direct access to agency leadership, fiscal, human resources, legal, and business unit managers.