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Downtown Raleigh State Government Complex Visitor Parking


There are four state-operated visitor lots: Lot 18 (Visitor Lot 1), located along Wilmington Street between Jones and Edenton streets; Deck 75 (Visitor Lot 2), located at 323 Salisbury Street; Deck 77 (Visitor Lot 3), located at the corner of Edenton and McDowell streets; Visitor Lot 4, located at the corner of Polk and N Wilmington streets.

Payment presented to the attendant for parking must be in cash or credit card only. No checks will be accepted.

Several other parking facilities near the Downtown State Government Complex are operated by private operators and local governments. Maps and information about these facilities is provided by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance.

Employees are not permitted in visitor lots unless authorized by State Parking, and only for reasons such as temporary displacement from their assigned parking area.

Visitor Parking Rates: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
First 15 Minutes Free
First Hour (including first 15 Minutes) $2
Each Additional or Partial Hour $2
Lost Ticket $16
Cash and credit cards only.
Rates are not applied to visitor parking after 5 p.m. on weekdays and at any time on weekends.

Visiting a government agency?

Departments may purchase parking passes for their visitors and board and commission members that are accepted in visitor parking lots. Requests must be made at least three business days in advance.

Passes are sold in two, four and eight-hour increments, at $2 per hour. Visitors using department-issued hourly or daily passes will be responsible for any amount over the value of the pass.

A departmental representative must complete and submit the Request for Visitor Parking Pass form. State Parking reserves the right to limit the number of passes sold.

Requests to use parking lots after hours on weekdays and weekends, must be approved by State Parking.

Other Visitor Parking

Bus Parking

For large groups visiting downtown state attractions: bus parking, including 15-passenger vans, is located at the corner of Blount and Edenton streets. No cars, vans smaller than 15 passengers or trucks are allowed in this lot. Chaperones accompanying buses should park their vehicles in one of the hourly visitor lots.

Special Event Parking

During weekends, state parking facilities may be requested by groups who have special events downtown. These requests should be directed to State Parking Operations Manager Michael Burgher.

Vendors and Contractors

Vendors making deliveries or pickups and contractors providing services and repairs should use loading dock(s) and adhere to any posted time limits. Vendors and contractors are not allowed to park their vehicles in employee parking spaces, along curbs, in drive lanes or on the landscape.

State Parking must approve any parking impacts related to projects.


Illegally parked vendor or contractor vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. The vehicle's owner should contact the State Capital Police at (919) 733-3333 to retrieve a towed vehicle.

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