Contact the State Property Office

Contact 984-236-0270
Mailing Address State Property Office
1321 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1321
Physical Address 116 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC


Name Title Contact
Tim Walton Director 984-236-0278
Teresa Matthews Administrative Assistant 984-236-0272
Angie Johnson Office Assistant 984-236-0271
Real Property Section
Mike Moser Manager 984-236-0292
Wanda Hilliard Real Property Agent 984-236-0284
Eric Moore Real Property Agent
Parks & Recreation
Tripp Steinbock Real Property Agent 984-236-0280
Dannielle Sampson Real Property Agent 984-236-0291
Janice Veilleux Real Property Agent 984-236-0275
Blane Rice Real Property Agent
Division of Mitigation Services
Leasing & Space Planning
Troy Baker Manager 984-236-0294
Marion Patrick Leasing Agent 984-236-0282
Allen Meadows Leasing Agent 984-236-0286
Latania Nichols Leasing Agent 984-236-0279
Olita Boone Leasing Agent 984-236-0281
Cindy Hanselman Leasing Agent 984-236-0274
Facilities Information Section
John Cox Manager 984-236-0287
Jeff Mulligan GIS Analyst 984-236-0288
Jason Brown GIS Analyst 984-236-0293
Braxton Hayden GIS Technician 984-236-0289
Cody Lamb GIS Technician 984-236-0277

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