600A - Mailing Equipment, Supplies & Maintenance

This contract covers all products, services, and accessories listed on the Vendor page of the NASPO ValuePoint website.

Product Categories:
• Category 1: Rental Postage Meter
• Category 2: Ultra Low Volume Mailing Systems
• Category 3: Low Volume Mailing Systems
• Category 4: Medium Volume Mailing Systems
• Category 5: High Volume Mailing Systems
• Category 6: Production Volume Mailing Systems
• Category 7: Integrated Postage Scales
• Category 8: Low Volume Letter Openers
• Category 9: High Volume Letter Openers
• Category 17: Software (PC Postage)
• Category 22: Low Volume Ink Jet Envelope Addressing System
• Category 23: Medium Volume Ink Jet Envelope Addressing System
• Category 24: High Volume Ink Jet Envelope Addressing System
• Category 28: High Volume Tabbers

Service Categories
• Category 1: Software License & Subscription
• Category 2: Software Consulting
• Category 7: Equipment Lease

Excluding the following DMT categories:
• Inserters, Production
• Folders-Inserters, Production
• Pre-Sorting Equipment, Product
• Items identified as DMT within Software License and Subscription Software Consulting Service
• Design - Production Only
• Installation-Assembly-Production

This is a convenience Statewide Term Contract for state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, community colleges, and non-mandatory entities including schools and local governments.


Contract Administrator: Sandy Anderson

Telephone Number: 984-236-0216

eProcurement Status: Loaded

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