8512B - Individual Health Screening & Assessment Services – COVID-19 Testing

Please note that Statewide Term Contract 8512B is specific to COVID-19 testing under the policy entitled “Requirements for COVID-19 Testing and Face Coverings” issued by the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources (OSHR).  It should be used only by state agencies that participate in the OSHR policy.

This contract covers various types of COVID-19 testing options based on six Medicaid regions throughout North Carolina.

This is a mandatory statewide term contract for any state agencies, departments, institutions, universities, and community colleges if they are participating in the OSHR “Requirements for COVID-19 Testing and Face Coverings” policy - unless exempted by North Carolina General Statute.

Contract Administrator: Nick Edwards

Telephone Number: 984-236-0217

eProcurement Status: Loaded

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