FAQs for Departments


Can departments obtain assigned parking space for a department vehicle?

Departments can request parking spaces for departmental use. However, assignments will be approved based on availability.  Departments not located within the Downtown State Government Complex are not assigned parking.

Can departments obtain assigned parking for visitors?

No. Visitor should be directed to the visitor parking areas.

What arrangements can be made for parking of boards and commissions?

Departments may purchase two-hour, four-hour and daily visitor passes for their board and commission members.

What parking options are available for volunteers?

Volunteers are considered visitors and may either pay visitor parking rates, or the department may purchase visitor passes for its volunteers.

What parking options are available for pages and interns?

Depending on availability, pages and interns may request parking from the State Parking Division in certain facilities. They should contact their agency's parking coordinator for more information.

Can a space be held and reassigned following the departure of an employee who had parking?

Departments have 30 days after the employee's departure to reassign the parking space, not the date the assignment was terminated. If it is not reassigned within 30 days of an employee's departure, it will return to State Parking'€™s inventory for reallocation.