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Who is eligible for a parking assignment?

Benefits-eligible employees assigned to work stations within the Downtown State Government Complex who work at least 30 hours each week have priority for parking assignments.  Temporary employees, contractors, pages, and interns are eligible for parking assignments in certain facilities, subject to availability.

How do I obtain a parking assignment?

Employees should work with their Parking Coordinator to request parking. If parking is not available, the employee may be placed on a waiting list.

How do I pay for my parking?

Parking fees must be paid through payroll deduction. If an employee cannot be payroll deducted, exceptions may be made for assignments to another facility based on availability and at the Parking Division's discretion. Individuals must pay for the assignment quarterly or annually.

What happens if I need to take extended leave?

Employees are responsible for making monthly payments for parking when they are on extended leave. Payments will be back dated and payroll deducted upon return to work.. The maximum length of time an employee may maintain their parking while on extended leave is 90 days.

May I sublease my space?

No. Employees are not permitted to sublease their parking space. If you know of any employee that is subleasing their space, it is important that you let someone at that State Parking Division know. You can reach us at (984) 236-0190.

How do I access a gated facility?

Employees who are assigned parking to one of the gated facilities will be issued a transponder for access.  If the employee does not have a transponder, access to the garage will be denied. No one will be given access to gated parking areas without approval from State Parking.  Transponders are available through your parking coordinator or State Parking Division.

Can I move to a more convenient space?

Due to the constraints of the parking system and overall limited availability, convenience transfers are not permitted.

Will I get a refund if I terminate my parking?

Parking leases must be scheduled to terminate at the end of the month. Employees should contact their Parking Coordinator to ensure their leases are terminated on this schedule. Monthly payroll deductions for parking are applied to the current month. Therefore, employees must ensure that their Parking Coordinator is provided the necessary information before the end of a payroll period so the employee will not be charged for the following month.

What do I do if someone is parked in my assigned space or I cannot access my space?

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Do not park in someone else's space.
  2. Park in one of the three visitor parking areas, advise your Parking Coordinator of the situation being sure to let them know which visitor area you are parking in.
  3. Your Parking Coordinator will then provide the State Parking Division your name and notify them that you are parking in a visitor area.
  4. If applicable, contact the State Capitol Police at (919) 733-3333 to have the vehicle towed. Note: your parking will only be validated if you tow the offending vehicle.
  5. Once you have been notified that you can return to your space, please do so immediately.
  6. In order to get your visitor's parking pass validated you must:
    1. Have your Parking Coordinator inform the State Parking Division that you are parking in a visitor's area.
    2. Have the offending vehicle towed (if applicable)
    3. Return to your assigned parking space within two hours of the incident being resolved.
    4. Upon leaving the visitor parking area, you must provide the booth attendant with your name so they will know to validate your ticket.

If I park in a zoned permit lot and my permit is not displayed, will my vehicle be towed?

It is possible. Vehicles registered in the State Parking Division's database will be given two warnings before they are towed. If the vehicle's information is not registered with the State Parking Division, it will be towed without warning at the owner€™s expense.

What information do I need to register with the State Parking Division?

We ask for your vehicle'€™s make, model, color, year, and license plate number. This information is kept confidential and is shared only between the Parking Division staff and your Parking Coordinator.

Where do I go to register my vehicle(s)?

You can provide this information to your Parking Coordinator. However, you also can call the State Parking Division (984) 236-0190 or email the Parking Office with the requested information.

What do I do if my car is towed?

If your car is towed, contact State Capitol Police at (919) 733-3333. They will provide you with the information required to claim your vehicle.

Does the State Parking Division earn any revenue when vehicles are towed?

No. The State Parking Division does not receive any funds when illegally parked vehicles are towed. Towing fees go directly to the towing companies.

What will happen to my parking if I am parked in one of the lots affected by development or construction?

State Parking makes every effort to relocate displaced employees to other available parking spaces within the system. Departmental Parking Coordinators are provided space allocations for displaced employees and assign these employees new parking locations.



Where can I park when I wish to visit a downtown state office or a museum?

There are four (4) state-operated visitor lots: Lot 18 (Visitor Lot 1) is located along Wilmington Street between Jones and Edenton Streets. Deck 75 (Visitor Lot 2) is located at 323 Salisbury Street. Deck 77 (Visitor Lot 3) is located at the corner of Edenton and McDowell Streets. Visitor Lot 4 is located on Polk Street, corner of Wilmington Street and adjacent to Lot 3.  Rates are not applied to visitor parking after 5:00 P.M. weekdays and during weekends.

What are visitor parking rates?

View the visitor parking page for current parking rates. Only cash or credit/debit cards are valid forms of payment in Visitor Lots #1, 2, 3.  Visitor Lot 4 is pay by space and accepts credit cards only. Checks are not a valid form of payment. Visitors using department issued hourly or daily passes will be responsible for any amount over the value of the pass.

Where can buses park?

Buses, including 15-passenger vans, should park in the bus lot located at the corner of Blount and Jones Streets. No cars or trucks are allowed in this lot. Chaperones accompanying buses should park their vehicles in one of the visitor lots.