Qualified Products Lists (QPLs)



Qualified Products List

Blinds, Venetian

7230-1 QPL

Bookcase, Wood, Office

7195-7 QPL

Briefs (Incontinent), Underpads and Disposable Washcloths

6532-1 QPL

Cabinets, File, Steel, Lateral

7110-8 QPL

Cabinets, File, Steel, Vertical

7110-3 QPL

Carpet, Tufted, Nylon, Recycled and/or Recyclable

7220-3 QPL

Chairs, Dining, Hospitality, General Purpose (Wood, Upholstered Type)

7110-16 QPL

Chairs, General Purpose, Metal and Chair Desks, Classroom, Metal

7110-9 QPL

Chairs, Metal, Upholstered, Dining, Hospitality, General Purpose Type,

7110-17 QPL

Desk, Teacher, Metal

7110-11 QPL

Desks, Wood, Office (Casegoods)

7110-7 QPL

Desks, Wood, Office (Casegoods) Laminate Finish

7110-2 QPL

Ergonomic Chairs

7110-5 QPL

Furniture, Modular Computer Workstations

7105-3 QPL

Furniture, Wood, Media Center (Library)

7195-2 QPL

Gloves, Disposable, Non-Sterile, Patient Examination

6515-1 QPL

Laminating Equipment

3610-2 QPL

Lounge Seating, Upholstered (Matching Sofa, Love Seat, & Chair Only)

7110-14 QPL

Lounge Seating, Upholstered (Sectional And Ganged (Multiple) Seating Only)

7110-15 QPL

Mowers, Lawn, Power

3750-1 QPL

Office Systems, Open Plan

7195-9 QPL

Oils, Motor, Lubricants, and Greases

9150-1 QPL

Sheeting, Retroreflective, Preclear-Coated for License Plates

9390-1 QPL

Tables, Dining

7110-18 QPL

Tables, Computer, Classroom

7110-13 QPL

Tables, General Purpose Classroom, Metal

7110-12 QPL

Tables, Pupil, Metal

7110-10 QPL