Quality Acceptance Inspections

All deliveries of goods must be inspected. Generally, it is the responsibility of the receiving agency to inspect all materials, supplies, and equipment upon delivery to ensure compliance with the contract requirements and specifications as provided in the North Carolina Administrative Code, 01 NCAC 05B .0901. For certain items, however, the contract must require an inspection by the Division of Purchase and Contract (P&C), and a representative from P&C must provide that inspection, 01 NCAC 05B .0901. This representative is one of P&€™C's quality acceptance inspectors.

P&C no longer enforces, as a part of its acceptance inspections, the safety labelling requirement for electrical materials, devices, appliances  and equipment purchased by state departments, agencies and institutions.  Any enforcement of the requirement in G.S. 66-25 to evaluate electrical products for safety and suitability for intended use must be handled by the purchasing agency.

QA Inspector(s) and Contact Information:

Inspector Phone (Cell) E-mail
Bill Powell (eastern half of State) 919-604-6272 bill.powell@doa.nc.gov

Inspection requests can also be sent via email to doa.pchelpdesk@doa.nc.gov.

Please keep in mind that the bid must include inspection date, notice of mandatory inspection and contact information of the QA inspector(s). Template language suitable for this can be found here.

Additional resource materials are provided below to offer guidance and instructions for integrating the inspection process in various phases of the solicitation as needed. The materials include:

  • QA Inspection Basics - Offers a general description and overview of QA inspections and its relationship within the procurement process. It includes reference materials for safety labels of products that operate under pressure or by connection to an electric source or that involve a connection to a manufactured, natural, or LP gas source. Click here.
  • QA Product Inspection List - A list of products (and minimum purchase values) for which P&C QA inspection must be performed. Click here.
  • Third Party Labs List - A list of acceptable third-party testing laboratories approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance to conduct field evaluations for safety labeling and equipment categories in which each is approved. Click here.
  • QA Inspection Language - Template language that must be included in the solicitation document, if an inspection is to be handled by a P&C inspector. Click here.