Hours of Operation 
Motor Fleet is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm by appointment only. Vehicles serviced at our garage in Raleigh can be washed and vacuumed at your request.  Please make wash arrangements when you schedule your appointment. 

CDC Guidelines for Disinfecting Vehicles
For cleaning and disinfecting vehicles related to COVID-19, please follow the Centers for Disease Control recommendations in the CDC Guidelines

Utilization of State Vehicles
Motor Fleet Vehicles may be underutilized due to Executive Order 116 and subsequent executive orders issued regarding the state’s response to the Coronavirus. Motor Fleet considers the telecommuting and travel ban as continued justification for underutilized vehicles not meeting the normal minimum mileage requirements.

Supporting Executive Order 80
Learn more about the NC Department of Administration's Motor Fleet Zero Emission Vehicle Plan here.

See the Commuting Reimbursement page for the latest rates.