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March 15, 2023

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please join us for the ProCurement 411: P&C Quarterly Updates Webinar.

Changes coming to eVP... stay tuned!

The Department of Administration’s (DOA) Division of Purchase & Contract (P&C), in collaboration with the NC eProcurement Team, is upgrading the way vendors do business with the state of North Carolina. Both the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) and the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) will undergo an update in P&C’s continuing effort to modernize state procurement practices.

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March is Procurement Month

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March 8-9, 2023: NC PEAK Conference, McKimmon Conference and Training Center  Agenda  |  Registration

December 15, 2022: Please join us for the ProCurement 411: P&C Quarterly Updates Webinar from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Save the Date: NC PEAK – State Procurement ConferenceRegister here!

September 15, 2022: Please join us for the ProCurement 411: P&C Quarterly Updates Webinar from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  

August 16, 2022:  Executive Order 143 has been rescinded.

March 1, 2022:  State procurement rules have been modified: 


The new rules:

  • Help streamline processes and improve agency purchasing authority and flexibility
  • Simplify processes and allow agencies to conduct business more efficiently, saving time and money
  • Promote greater oversight and strategic planning opportunities for P&C
  • Increase participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses


NC Administrative Code New/Revised Rule Starting March 1, 2022 What it Means?
01 NCAC 05B .0301 Contracting Requirements Small purchases increase to $25,000
  • Greater flexibility due to market changes and inflation
  • This threshold will be updated every two years
  • The way the purchases are processed will stay the same
  • Opens opportunity for agencies to prioritize the use of Historically Underutilized Businesses
  Informal purchase threshold increase
  • Lower limit of the threshold will change from $5,000 to $25,000
  • Upper limit will change from $10,000 to the amount of the agency's general delegation
  • No change to process
  • The colloquial "three quotes and a buy" summarizes solicitation process in the intermediate informal range.


  Formal purchase threshold increase
  • Most agency's general delegation will be increased to $50,000 with $100,000 being the current statuatory max
  • P&C intends to raise the benchmark for most agencies to $100,000 over the next several years
  • All solicitations will be processed the way that services are currently processed
  • The goal is for agencies to create their own solicitations, while P&C focuses on reviewing and approving prior to posting and awarding
01 NCAC 05A .0112 Revised definitions
  • Revises six terms including solicitation document, renewal, initial contract term, professional service, extension, and contract term
01 NCAC 05B .0314 Updates solicitation documents
  • Updated to outline the minimum requirements for P&C solicitation documents
01 NCAC 05B .0319 Creates contract term
  • Places limitations on contract term including the number of renewals and triggers for state procurement officer approval
  • Limits contracts to a three-year term with two one-year renewal options without approval from the state procurement officer
  • The state procurement officer must approve all contracts beyond those terms.
01 NCAC 05B .0320 Formalizes posting requirements for contract extensions
  • Will make contracts more consistent by specifying the information required to be posted to the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) every time a contract is extended
  • Will enhance transparency
01 NCAC 05B .0321 Provides guidance for contract extensions or renewals
  • Who must approve a contract extension or renewal
  • When an extension or renewal is appropriate
  • When the purchasing agency is required to seek prior approval from the state procurement officer
  • Factors to consider before renewing or extending a contact, such as market research and changes in the supply chain
01 NCAC 05B .1604 Repeal of general delegation rule
  • All agencies will be increased to $50,000 on March 1. 



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Notices Released
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Statewide Term Contract Updates 6/22/2021
Floor Covering & Installation Services - 360A 6/10/2021
Statewide Term Contract Update - Vehicles 6/8/2021
Statewide Term Contract Update - Vehicles 6/7/2021
Utility and Dump Truck Bodies – 065A 5/18/2021
Fleet Vehicles (Passenger, Truck, Van, SUV and Law Enforcement) – 070A 5/10/2021
Special Delegations and Exemptions Remain in Effect 3/8/2021
Statewide Term Contract Update - Office Paper 2/3/2021
Withdrawal of the State Procurement Manual  2/3/2021
Statewide Term Contract Update - Motor Fleet Fuel Credit Card 1/4/2021
Statewide Term Contract Update - Procurement Card 12/1/2020
New Process for Special Delegation Requests 11/3/2020
General Delegation Increases, Waivers, Protests and Debriefings 10/27/2020
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Reminder Notice – Procurement Planning 8/12/2020
Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing / Disinfecting Services - 926A 7/31/2020
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Use of Procurement Cards and Travel Card for Per Diem 6/10/2020
Statewide Term Contract Update - Audio Visual and Photographic Equipment and Accessories 6/8/2020
Statewide Term Contract Update - Walk-In Building Supplies 5/13/2020
Statewide Term Contract Update - Vehicles 5/12/2020
Statewide Term Contract Update - Vehicles 5/5/2020
Durable Medical Equipment - 475B 5/1/2020
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