Enviro-Tech Unlimited Construction Services LLC - FY2018-117/Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation - Hertford, NC

Event Description

Enviro-Tech Unlimited Construction Services LLC 

Street Address: 8443 Caratoke Highway, Suite I, Powells Point, NC  27966 

BID Time: 2:00 pm 

BID Date: 03/21/2019 

BID Location Street Address: 114 West Grubb Street, Hertford, NC  27944

Project Title: FY2018-117/Sanitary Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation 

Project Location Street Address: Grubb Street, Market Street, Covent Garden Street, Academy Street, Hertford, NC  27944 

Scope of Work: 
- 980 Linear Feet of 10-inch Dia. PVC (SDR35) Sewer Line
- 1,160 Linear Feet of 8-inch Dia. PVC (SDR35) Sewer Line
- 8 – 4 ft. Dia. Manholes
- 440 Linear Feet of 2-inch Dia. PVC (SDR21) Water Main Replacement
- Testing, Sterilization and Reconnection to Existing Utilities
- Miscellaneous Erosion Control Measures & Seeding/Mulching
- Asphalt & Concrete Demo & Repair

HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

Project Information URL: 

Project Contact Name: Nick Brown 

Project Contact Email: nbrown@envirotechnc.com 

Project Contact Phone Number: 252-491-5277 

Pre-Bid Meeting: No