Dare County - Trailer Control Equipment - Manteo, NC

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Dare County 

Street Address: Dare County Admin Bldg, 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive, PO Box 1000, Manteo, NC 27954 

BID Time: 3:00 pm 

BID Date: 03/25/2019 

BID Location Street Address: Dare County Admin Bldg, 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive, PO Box 1000, Manteo, NC  27954 

Project Title: Dare County Trailer Control Equipment 

Project Location Street Address: Dare County Admin Bldg, Manteo, NC  27954 

Scope of Work: 
Dare County is seeking quotes to purchase a traffic control equipment trailer with a “Ver-Mac SM-548”, mini full-matrix skid-mounted message sign attached. Quotes will be due back no later than March 25th, 2018 at 3PM. Quotes will be mailed to 954 Marshal C. Collins Drive, Manteo North Carolina, 27954 in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Traffic Control Equipment Trailer RFP” addressed to Dustin Peele, Purchasing Agent. Dare

County reserves the right to reject any and all responses in accordance to North Carolina General Statutes. For questions concerning this RFP please contact Drew Pearson, Director of Emergency Management at drew.pearson@darenc.com or Dustin Peele, Purchasing Agent at dustin.peele@darenc.com

The trailer itself must be able to be towed by a standard SUV or pickup truck using a 2 inch ball and 4 pin blade electrical connector. The trailer and all accessory boxes will be made of metal that is properly primed and painted to protect from impacts, humidity, salt spray and is rust resistant. The preferred color is flat black but can be the same as the attached SM-548 if it is not available in flat black. The trailer will be no more than 80 inches wide, 16 feet long and approximately 6 feet tall with the SM-548 in the stowed position. The fully loaded trailer will weigh approximately 3000 pounds. In addition to standard motor vehicle signal lights (brake, turn, running and hazard), the trailer will be equipped with 12 wig/wag LED flashers that will be powered by the tow vehicle and/or a solar charging battery system installed in the trailer. All trailer edges will be marked with red and white reflective tape. All lettering will be done with reflective paint or tape to ensure high visibility in low light environments. The trailer will have two (2) panels, approximately 1 foot high by 3 feet long, on each side of the trailer that can be used to affix owner provided decals. The trailer will be built to allow it to be titled and registered with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles.

The SM-548 will be mounted as an integral part of the trailer in a manner that allows it to be operated and read while attached to the tow vehicle and without unloading any for the traffic control devices outlined below. The SM-548 will come with all controlling devices and software needed to operate it onsite and/or remotely using any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All software needed to operate the SM-548 will be provided to include original equipment manufacture’s updates at no additional cost.

On the trailer there will be two (2) accessory Storage Cases located on each side. Each case will be approximately 40” long x 20” wide x 10” deep. Cases will be lockable and water tight. One case will be used to store nine (9) vendor provided amber solar powered LED Barrier Lights. The other case will hold a ten person first aid kit and a 10 pound ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher provided by the vendor.

The trailer will have a tongue Tool Box that is approximately 36” long x 18” wide x 18” deep. The box can contain batteries for running the LED wig/wag lights and SM-548 when the trailer is not attached to a tow vehicle. Solar panels can be affixed to the top of the box or as part of the SM-548 to charge the battery system. The battery system should be able to operate the lights and SM-548 without solar recharging for at least 18 hours. Vendor will provide and install all charging equipment, wiring and switches needed to make the LED wig/wag Strobe Flashers and SM-548 work when not attached to a tow vehicle and to allow the entire trailer to be powered by an owner provided portable 1600 running/2000 starting watt GENERAC residential inverter generator.

The trailer will have space to securely carry the following vendor provided traffic control devices:
Nine (9) – water fillable Dragon Tooth Barricades marked with “DCEM” in reflective tape/lettering. Barricades will be 3’ x 3’ x 3’ tall, weighing approximately 50lbs empty and approximately 250lbs when filled.
Nine (9) - Amber solar powered LED Barrier Lights marked with “DCEM” in reflective tape/lettering..
Forty Eight (48) - 10lb Traffic Cones 28” inches high with 4” & 6” wide reflective collars and marked with “DCEM” in reflective tape/lettering.
Eight (8) - Type II Barricade Sign Panels with engineering grade reflective sheeting. Sign panels will be 27” wide x 3” deep x 46” tall, weighing approximately 20 lbs. Two (2) sign panels will say STOP on both sides and six (6) will have ARROWs on both sides. All will be marked with “DCEM” in reflective tape/lettering.
Six (6) - ”A” Frame Barricades. Each Barricade will have two (2) -”A” Frame ends (28”wide x 42” tall), one (1) - 8” wide x 6’ long plastic board with engineering grade reflective sheeting. Each Barricade weighs about 20lbs and will be marked with “DCEM” in reflective tape/lettering.

The vendor will provide a means to ensure all provided traffic control devices remain properly secured to the trailer at normal towing speeds and road conditions.

HUB certified vendors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

Project Information URL: 

Project Contact Name: Drew Pearson 

Project Contact Email: drew.pearson@darenc.com 

Project Contact Phone Number: 252-475-5897 

Pre-Bid Meeting: No