Pamlico County - Wall Repairs and Painting - Second Floor Courthouse Project - Bayboro, NC

Event Description

Pamlico County 

Street Address: 302 Main Street, Bayboro, NC  28515 

BID Time: 2:00 pm 

BID Date: 03/27/2019 

BID Location Street Address: 202 Main Street, Courthouse Annex - Public Services Office, Bayboro, NC  28515 

Project Title: Wall Repairs and Painting - Second Floor Courthouse Project

Project Location Street Address: 202 Main Street, Bayboro, NC  28515 

Scope of Work: 
The County of Pamlico Public Services Department is accepting Request for Quotes for improvements of the Second Floor of Pamlico County Courthouse as follows: 


-Courtroom, Judge Chamber, Library, Storage Room, Jury Room,
West Common Area and Hallway (behind the courtroom), Northwest Stairwell, Southwest Stairwell
-Paint doors and frames, windows frames, walls, ceilings, handrails, end posts and pickets

Scope of Work
1. Remove loose failing plaster.
2. Apply skim coat of drywall mud where plaster is loose and failing and sand.
3. Point up walls as needed.
4. Apply one coat of primer to walls, doors, frames, windows and trim.
5. Apply two coats of Satin Paint to walls and ceilings (Color: White).
6. Apply two coats of semi-gloss paint to doors, frames windows and trim. 
7. Prep handrail (upper grabrail, end posts, and pickets).
8. Apply two coats of paint to handrail, end post and pickets.
9. Owner to choose color/sheen.

Time of Completion 

The Contractor shall commence work on a date to be specified in a written “Notice to Proceed” from the County Manager and to fully complete the project within designated days thereafter. 

Due to the court calendar, the selected contractor shall coordinate the schedule of repairs with the Pamlico County Clerk of Court.

HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

Project Information URL: 

Project Contact Name: Garry Cooper 

Project Contact Email: 

Project Contact Phone Number: 252-671-5798 

Pre-Bid Meeting: No