Carolina Grading & Utilities, Inc. - 2017 Collection System Rehabilitation Project - Elkin, NC

Event Description

Carolina Grading & Utilities, Inc. 

Street Address: 3677 NC Highway 88 W, Warrensville, NC  28693-9589 

BID Time: 2:00 am 

BID Date: 04/04/2019 

BID Location Street Address: 500 NC Hwy 268 W, Elkin, NC  28621 

Project Title: 2017 Collection System Rehabilitation Project 

Project Location Street Address: 500 NC Hwy 268 W, Elkin, NC  28621 

Scope of Work: 
Contract B-Various Sewer System Improvements that includes the installation of approximately 2,831 LF of 8" gravity sewer lines and 4,736 LE of 12" gravity sewer lines, and rehabilitation/repair of 122 manholes (including 361 VF of cementitious lining, new frame/covers, raise frame/covers, reseal frame to risers, and various other items). 

Some trades that may be subcontracted are/ but are not limited to the following
-erosion control
-misc concrete 
-manhole cementitious lining
-gravel delivery
-traffic control

HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

Project Information URL: 

Project Contact Name: Sid Carpenter 

Project Contact Email: 

Project Contact Phone Number: 336-877-6457 

Pre-Bid Meeting: No