I.L. Long Construction Co., Inc. - UNCG Athletics - Coleman Weight Room - Winston-Salem, NC

Event Description

Organization Information

I.L. Long Construction Co., Inc.

BID Information

BID Due Time 5:00 pm
Bid Due Date 12/09/2019
BID Location Street Address 4117 Indiana Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Project Information

Project Title UNCG Athletics - Coleman Weight Room

Project Location Street Address 1400 Spring Street, Greensboro, NC 27412

Scope of Work

This project will renovate 3,412 square feet in the first-floor weight room area, room 123 to provide a re-configured weight training and cardio area. The project will include demolition of the existing area, demising wall, mechanical and electrical equipment, renovation of the existing floor, a 1,290 square foot second floor balcony, new finishes, storefront, mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the space. Alternatives include an adjoining stair, and office, nutrition kitchen, storage space, up fits. Refer to Alternates section 012300 and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents.

Project Information URL https://illongconstructioncoinc.sharefile.com/d-s1850389b04d4d46b

Pre-Bid Information

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