Kemp Sigmon Construction Co., Inc. - Spring Drive Storm Water Improvements - Raleigh, NC - Raleigh, NC

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Kemp Sigmon Construction Co., Inc.

BID Information
BID Due Time: 10:00 am
Bid Due Date: 12/13/2019

BID Location Street Address
PO Box 1270
Claremont, NC  28610

Project Information:
Project Title: Spring Drive Storm Water Improvements - Raleigh, NC

Project Location Street Address
6912-6940 Spring Drive
Raleigh, NC 27613

Scope of Work
The work consists of drainage improvement on the driveway culverts between 6912 & 6940 Spring Drive. Construction activities will include grading the open channel reaches, and replacement of existing riprap in the open channel reaches upon completion of grading; removal of five existing 24-inch RCPs, four existing 36-inch CMPs, and some existing sanitary sewer laterals and cleanouts. Replacement of the listed RCPs, CMPs, and sewers; and grading and relining the open channel reaches. The RCPs and CMPs will be replaced in place with new twin parallel 36-inch RCPs. The new culverts will include a headwall and wingwalls at each end for bank stability. The sanitary sewer laterals and cleanouts will be replaced in accordance with the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department's standards. The existing riprap in the drainageway and stream channel will be removed, and the channel will be graded to re-establish positive drainage. The graded channel will be lined with riprap between the proposed replacement culverts, similar to the existing condition. Work shall include any associated work as indicated on the plans, in the specifications, in the bid schedule of prices, or as directed by the Project Engineer.

All HUB, DBE, and WMBE businesses are encouraged to bid.

Project Contact Name: Tyler Sigmon
Project Contact Email:
Project Contact Phone Number: 828-302-7018

Pre-Bid Information

Pre-Bid Meeting Yes
Pre-Bid Meeting Mandatory or Optional: Optional
Pre-Bid Meeting Time: 2:00 pm
Pre-Bid Meeting Date: 11/22/2019

Pre-Bid Meeting Location Address

8th floor, 127 W Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC   27601