NHM Constructors, LLC - NCDOT Replace Bridge No. 20 on SR 1152 (Neelie Road) over South Deep Creek in Yadkin County - North Wilkesboro, NC

Event Description

NHM Constructors, LLC is actively seeking vendors, suppliers and subcontractors who are certified DBE/MBE/WBE. We are preparing to bid the following project and would like to have your quotation for any items in your line of work.

Quotes needed by 10:00AM on Wednesday December 18, 2019

PROJECT:         NCDOT DK00280 Yadkin County
                           Replace Bridge No. 20 on SR 1152 (Neelie Road) over South Deep Creek
                           Grading, Drainage, Paving, Structure, and Resurfacing

BID DATE:       December 19, 2019                  

CONTACT:       Ron Grigsby 828-670-6652 ext 3330 or rgrigsby@nhmconstructors.com

ITEMS OF WORK:  Grading, Hauling, Milling Asphalt Pavement, Storm Drainage, Asphalt Paving, Shoulder Berm Gutter, Guardrail, Signs, Pavement Markings, Landscaping, Asbestos Testing, Drilled Shafts, Concrete Barrier Rail, Fiber Optic Conduit System.

All bid documents are available for viewing at our office in Asheville, North Carolina, or in the NCDOT Division 11 office located in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

You may also view the bid documents and project information on the NCDOT website using the following link:  https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/Pages/Letting-Details.aspx?let_type=11...

NHM Constructors, LLC strongly encourages all certified DBE/MBE/WBE firms to consider quoting on the above referenced project. We are also looking to use certified firms as 1st tier OR 2nd tier subcontractors.

NHM Constructors, LLC will consider offering assistance to DBE/MBE/WBE firms with regards to areas of obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, etc.

Subcontractors will be required to have the following minimum insurance limits for these projects: Workers Compensation - $500,000; General Liability - $2 million; Automobile Liability - $2 million; however; NHM Constructors, LLC will work with Subcontractors to help meet our insurance and bonding requirements.

If you intend to quote please email or fax your quote to our Asheville office so that it will arrive by 10:00AM on Wednesday December 18, 2019.

Questions? Please contact Ron Grigsby (rgrigsby@nhmconstructors.com) or 828-670-6652 ext. 3330