Metcon- UNC Pembroke School of Business Phase 1 - Pembroke, NC

Event Description

Organization Information

Construction Manager Metcon

BID Information

BID Due Time 2:00 pm
Bid Due Date 12/19/2019
BID Location Street Address 115 Livermore Dr, Pembroke, NC 28372

Project Information

Project Title UNC Pembroke School of Business Phase 1

Project Location Street Address 1 University Drive, Pembroke, NC 28372

Scope of Work

BP033000 Cast-on-Place Concrete
BP051000 Steel
BP260000 Electrical
BP312000 Sitework
BP316200 Geo Piers

Project Information URL

Pre-Bid Information

Pre-Bid Meeting Yes
Pre-Bid Meeting Mandatory or Optional
Pre-Bid Meeting Time 2:00 pm
Pre-Bid Meeting Date 12/03/2019

Pre-Bid Meeting Location Address

115 Livermore Drive
Pembroke, NC 28372

*HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.*