NC DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY (NCORR) Request to Prequalify Vendors

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NC Department of Public Safety 



Prequalification #: 19-RFP-014845-GSX 

Application Accepted Ongoing Until: December 31, 2019 

The purpose of this Request for Pre-Qualifications (“RFPQ”) is to qualify Vendors experienced in managing and providing residential environmental remediation of asbestos in connection with the administration of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) and Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (“CDBGDR”).  This Request for Pre-Qualifications (“RFPQ”) are issued in accordance with the Procurement and Contract Guidelines of NCORR.  This is a re-solicitation of Request for Prequalification #19-RFP-014760-GSX.  This is a separate solicitation and Vendors that responded to the original RFP need to resubmit a response to this request in order to be considered. Based on the review of the RFPQ Responses, the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (“NCORR”) intends to establish a List of Qualified Vendors who, on an “as, if, and when requested” basis, will be asked to compete, to enter into a Contract(s) for provision of environmental remediation services for the CDBGDR funded Housing program managed by NCORR.  This program aims at the long-term recovery of communities impacted by Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence.  NCORR’s programs will assist approximately 2,000 residents in up to 52 counties in North Carolina, and will contribute to essential investments in community infrastructure and resources.     Applications shall be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions of this RFPQ and any addenda issued hereto.

Scope of Work

Qualified Vendors shall conduct Asbestos Abatement Activities for friable and/or non-friable materials in single family and/or multi-family residential homes in a manner compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to NC General Statutes §130A-444 et seq. ( North Carolina accreditation, permitting, asbestos exposure in public areas, NC General Statutes §130A-22(b1)-(b2) (penalties), EPA 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M and North Carolina Admin. Code 10A NCAC 41C .0600 et seq. (national emission standards and renovation/demolition requirements for asbestos), OSHA, §1926.1101 (federal safety and health regulations regarding asbestos), United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Labor rules and regulations, and local or county ordinances.   
All asbestos workers must have all proper certification for the type of asbestos work they are performing, as well as all Qualified Vendors shall have an Asbestos Accreditation from the State of North. Asbestos Vendors disturbing asbestos and paint or coated systems in pre-1978 housing are required to be a NC certified lead renovation firm and have at least one (1) NC certified lead renovator. 
Upon completion of authorized abatement/mitigation scope, the Qualified Vendor shall prepare and submit a Final Clearance Report with all legally required supporting documentation, including digital photographs, demonstrating performance of asbestos abatement activities in the area identified in the asbestos survey provided by the NCORR CM.  
NCORR will only pay for passed Clearance Reports. Any Clearance Report that did not pass must be redone by the Vendor at its cost. 

Please veiw the document below for more details.

HUB Certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

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