County of Yancey - Cane River Park - Environmental Engineering Qualifications - Burnsville, NC

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Organization Information

County of Yancey

BID Information

BID Due Time 2:00 pm
Bid Due Date 01/06/2020
BID Location Street Address 110 Town Square Room 11, Burnsville, NC 28714

Project Information

Project Title Cane River Park - Environmental Engineering Qualifications

Is this Disaster Related (Preparation, Response, or Recovery)? Yes

Project Location Street Address 258 Whittington Rd, Burnsville, NC 28714

Scope of Work

The County is seeking the services of qualified firms with extensive knowledge and background in the environmental engineering construction and design field. These services should potentially include but are not limited to:
• Environmental Engineering design and consulting
• Local, state and federal regulatory compliance
• All permitting Compliance
• Design services
• Bidding Construction Administration

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*HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. *