The Harper Corporation - Red springs WTP Improvements - Greenville, NC

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BID Information

BID Due Time 2:00 pm
Bid Due Date 02/18/2020
BID Location Street Address 312 E. Coffee Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Project Information

Project Title Red Springs WTP Improvements

Project Location Street Address 312 E. Coffee Street, Greenville, SC 29601-2804

Scope of Work

Contract I work includes the installation of a new pre‐engineered metal building and the installation of a new membrane filtration water treatment system complete with membrane treatment skids, chemical feed systems, instrumentation, new electrical infrastructure, new RTUs at three well buildings and three elevated storage tanks, and a SCADA system.  Work also includes site grading, yard piping installation and modification, the installation of a lime slurry feed system, and coordination of work with Contract III contractors. In addition, Contract I include the installation of altitude/control valves at three (3) 
elevated storage tank sites in the Town of Red Springs. 

Pre-Bid Information

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 *HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. *