NC Zoo - Shake Roof Replacement North American Buildings - Asheboro, NC

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ADDENDUM #3 (01.30.2020)

Information in this Addendum is inteded to amend or supersede the original contract documents (plans and specifications and/or other Addenda as applicable) for the items noted. This document will be included and made a part of the contract.

1. The Bid Opening for this project scheduled for 2:00pm EDT on Thursday, January 30, 2020 has been postponed. Bidding contractors who attended the previous mandatory Pre-Bid meeting were notified of this postponement via email and/or phone call on January 29, 2020.

2. This project is to be formally re-advertised beginning on January 30, 2020. Advertising will commence in advance of a new formal bid period.

3. Information regarding procurement of Contract Documents from plan rooms and the designer remains unchanged as described in the original Notice To Bidders. 

Please Note:  

1.    Contractors who attended the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on January 9, 2020 are not required to attend the new Pre-Bid Meeting on February 6, 2020.

2.    Contractors who attended the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting on January 9, 2020 remain eligible to submit a bid proposal by 2:00 pm on the revised Bid Date.

Revised Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Date
An open mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders on February 06, 2020 at 2:00pm in the W. David Stedman Education Center at the North Carolina Zoological Park located at 4401 Zoo Parkway, Asheboro, North Carolina. Bidders should meet in the Building's entry lobby and receive directives of exact meeting location from the front desk. The meeting will address project specific questions, issues, bidding procedures and bid forms.

The pre-bid meeting will be divided into two periods.

1. Informal period: A tour of the buildings will be conducted for prospective bidders. Areas of work will be pointed out. No questions will be addressed during the tour.

2. Formal period: Period receive project-related questions and to address bid requirements.

Revised Bid Opening Date
Proposals will be received up to February 20, 2020 at 2:00pm and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment entering into the construction of:

Roof Replacement of North American Buildings,
North Carolina Zoological Park, Asheboro, NC
SCO # 19-20040-01A CODE: 41814 ITEM: 4E05A

Sealed Proposals Delivery Location shall be sent to:
Mr. Gerry Parker, PE,
Director of Planning and Construction
North Carolina Zoological Park
W. David Stedman Education Center
4401 Zoo Parkway
Asheboro, NC 27205

Project includes roof replacement, skylight replacement, window and metal façade panel replacement, repairs to damaged wood framing and wood soffits as indicated in the drawings and specifications. 

Bids will be received for Contract Type – Single prime. All proposals shall be lump sum.


HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project.

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