The Wooten Company - Hurricane Florence Recovery -Contract 1-Low Water Crossing & Landslide Removal - Robbins, NC

Event Description

Organization Information

The Wooten Company

BID Information

BID Due Time 2:00 pm
Bid Due Date 02/27/2020
BID Location Street Address 101 N. Middleton Street, Robbins, NC 27325

Project Information

Project Title Town of Robbins - Hurricane Florence Recovery-Contract 1-Low Water Crossing & Landslide Removal

Is this Disaster Related (Preparation, Response, or Recovery)? Yes

Project Location Street Address 694 S. Middleton Rd/Talc Mine Rd, Robbins, NC 27325

Scope of Work

1. 48 Inch Culvert Replacement and Repairs of Concrete Low Water Crossing Road.
2. Removal and Disposal of Landslide Debris and Repair of Gravel Road.

Pre-Bid Information

Pre-Bid Meeting No

 *HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. *