Carteret County Government - Carteret County Cedar Island Dock Repairs - Newport, NC

Event Description

Organization Information

Carteret County Government

BID Information

BID Due Time 10:00 am
Bid Due Date 02/28/2020
BID Location Street Address 5231 Business Drive, Newport, NC 28570

Project Information

Project Title Carteret County Cedar Island Dock Repairs

Project Location Street Address 2726 Cedar Island Rd, Cedar Island, NC 28520

Scope of Work

Details are as follows:

•The Contractor shall remove and replace fifty-six (56) 2in x 8in, 8ft wooden retaining boards, remove and replace two (2) 2in x 4in, 12ft walers, remove and replace one (1) 2in x 8in, 8ft top cap, remove and replace three (3) 2in x 4in, 11ft top caps, remove and replace six (6) 6in x 6in, 10ft support piles and remove and replace five (5) of ½ inch tieback rods with deadmen assemblies, 10ft long.
•The Contractor shall remove and replace approximately one hundred and thirty (130) 2in x 8in, 12ft long wooden deck boards, remove and replace twenty-two (22) 2in x 8in, 12ft wooden beams, remove and replace fifty-five (55) 2in x 8in, 12ft wooden stringers, remove and replace twenty-two (22) 2in x 8in, 12ft wooden crossmembers and remove and replace one (1) 6in x 12ft support pile.
•The Contractor shall use galvanized joist hangers, hurricane clips, bolts, screws, nails and any other associated hardware.
•The Contractor shall remove any existing and associated debris from the dock area, clean where land has eroded and use approximately 137CY of unclassified fill to backfill the 137ft long x 9ft wide x 3ft deep area.

Miscellaneous Details
•The Contractor shall be responsible for all tools and equipment in order to complete this project.
•Areas shall be professionally blocked off during the build to ensure public safety.
•Schedule of work will be determined by Carteret County Government upon selected Contractor.
•The Contractor shall obtain the required permits, if required, give all notices, and comply with all laws, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations bearing on the conduct of the work. No time extensions shall be granted or financial consideration given to the Contractor for time or monies lost due to violations of any such ordinance, code, law or regulations that may occur.

Alternate Bid #1: The Contractor shall design/build the dock with the same dimensions (96ft long x 12ft wide) using concrete hog slats with appropriate fasteners and supports. The Contractor shall use Stainless Steel hardware including screws and bolts in lieu of Galvanized. The Contactor shall install plastic sheet piling bulkhead for entire dock area in lieu of wooden retaining boards. The Contractor shall also install an 8ft wide x 5ft long ramp in the center of the dock for loading and unloading purposes.

Primary Point of Contact: Mr. Ray Farnum
Phone: 252-241-6913

Due Date: 2/28/2020 by 10:00 AM EST.

Contractors must be able to provide current Certificates of Insurance for public liability, property damage, and Workers’ Compensation. Quotes/bids/proposals will not be accepted after the due date assigned.

All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by Carteret County and will include scope, schedule, and other necessary items pertaining to the project.

Please provide your proposal with break outs for labor, materials and tax if applicable.
Quote may be submitted by email to or dropped off at the General Services Operations Facility, 5231 Business Drive Newport, NC 28570.

Pre-Bid Information

Pre-Bid Meeting No

*HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. *