AM-Liner East, Inc. - Sanitary Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation - Columbia, SC

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AM-Liner East, Inc.

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11:00 am


1800 Main Street, 2nd Floor Columbia, SC 29201

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Sanitary Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation


Various Locations in Columbia, SC

Work includes approx 75,000 LF of 8" sewer by CIPP (cured in place pipe); 2,000 LF of 8" PVC sewer by open cut; 200 LF of 8" HDPE by pipe bursting; 10 LF of 6" PVC point repair; 5 LF of 8" DI point repair; 2,000 LF sewer service lateral cured in place liner; 100 EA sewer service lateral cleanout install.

Work Types: By-Pass Pumping, CCTV & Clean Sewer Pipe, Concrete & Masonry, Pipe - Ductile Iron, Excavation & Grading, Pipe - HDPE/MDPE & Other Polyethylene, Lateral Rehab, Manhole Installation, Pipe Bursting, Pre-Cast Concrete, Pipe - PVC, Roads and Paving, Sanitary Sewer, Pipe & Manhole Cleaning, Service Connections, Sewer, Signage & Signalization, Pipe & Manhole Televising & Inspection, Pipe Rehab, Vacuum & Air Excavating / Pumping

*HUB certified vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. *

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