Lenoir, Craven, Jones Drainage District #1 - Request for Qualifications Storm-Damaged Drainage System Engineering Services and Construction Repair Project - Kinston, NC

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Lenoir, Craven, Jones Drainage District #1 Request for Qualifications

Response Deadline: July 15, 2020, 5:00 pm

Responses Submitted To:

Earl Harper
Lenoir, Craven, Jones Drainage District #1
Post Office Box 3423
Kinston NC 27502
(252) 560-4800


The Lenoir, Craven, Jones Drainage District #1 (“District”) is soliciting statements of qualifications (“Response”) from engineering firms (“Firm”) to provide comprehensive engineering and construction management services for the repair of drainage canals and related drainage system infrastructure damaged as a result of Hurricane Florence to restore the system’s drainage capacity within Lenoir, Craven, and Jones Counties, North Carolina (“Project”). The District plans to award a single contract with two phases of work described more fully in Section II, Scope of Work, of this RFQ.  Phase I involves engineering services for the Project and Phase II involves construction management services for the Project. Phase II is contingent on FEMA approval of the Project.

The District is a political subdivision of the State of North Carolina. The District manages 38 miles of drainage channels including a soil main canal and multiple drainage laterals consisting of culvert pipes at various locations. The drainage system handles stormwater drainage for the Mosley Creek and Tracey Swamp area in Lenoir, Craven, and Jones Counties in eastern North Carolina. As a result of extended periods of hurricane winds, heavy rainfall, and high velocity floodwaters during Hurricane Florence (September 2018), the drainage system suffered damage at multiple locations including embankment washouts, embankment erosion, overtopping, culvert pipe damage, and debris deposits (including trees, limbs, brush, and soil material).

The District intends to seek reimbursement for the Project from the FEMA Public Assistance Program. All Project work shall conform to all applicable local, state, and federal regulations related to the Project and FEMA Public Assistance requirements.


A. Engineering Services (Phase I)

Conduct Hydrologic and Hydraulic (H&H) modeling studies consistent with FEMA requirements of all damaged canals and related drainage system infrastructure within Lenoir, Craven, and Jones Counties under the District’s management as identified by the District.

Conduct additional surveying and engineering studies for the Project as needed at the direction of the District or required by FEMA.

Recommend repair, erosion control, and mitigation measures necessary to repair damage and restore the drainage capacity of the District’s drainage system.

Prepare reports and drawings as necessary and required by FEMA for Project approval.

Serve as the District’s liaison with the NC Division of Emergency Management Public Assistance Section, FEMA, and all other state and federal agencies which may be involved in the Project.

Prepare all reports, drawings, and other documentation related to the Project as Directed by the District.

Other professional services related to the Project as directed by the District.

B. Construction Management Services (Phase II)

Prepare project schedule for tracking deadlines and actions needed during implementation of Project construction work based on Project scope approved by FEMA and consistent with all applicable local ordinances and state and federal laws, regulations, and policies.

Prepare the final design, plans, and specifications for the construction bid package in conformance with applicable state and federal regulations.

Prepare and submit applications for any required permits.

Supervise the bid advertising, tabulation, and award process, including preparing the advertisements for bid solicitations, conducting a pre-bid meeting if requested by the District, and conducting bid opening.

Evaluate bids received and make recommendation for award to the District Board of Directors.

Prepare contract documents and obtain insurance certificates and bonds from the contractor prior to issuing a notice to proceed.

Confirm execution of necessary contract documents, certificates, and bonds.

Conduct the pre-construction conference and issue the notice to proceed.

Perform surveying services and field staking as necessary.

Provide on-site periodic observation of construction work and prepare field observation reports (frequency of observation for each section of the Project to be determined by the District).

Conduct minimum monthly site visits to observe progress and quality of work.

Review, approve and submit drawings to contractor as required.

Determine whether construction work is in accordance with the contract documents, plans and specifications.

Review and approve all contractor requests for payment and change orders and submit approved requests to the District for processing contingent on District approval.

Coordinate with contractor to ensure contract closeout documents are complete, in proper form, and submitted to the District upon Project completion.

Conduct final inspection and coordinate final testing as required.

Provide certifications of completion and (if necessary) submit certified “as-built” drawings to appropriate authorities.

All other engineering and/or construction management services necessary for Project completion as determined by the District.


A. Statement of Qualifications Requirements

Interested Firms shall submit a response to this RFQ as described in this Section.  Failure to include all requested information may result in rejection of the Firm’s response in the sole discretion of the District. The District reserves the right to reject any and all responses.

Firms are requested to provide a “Statement of Qualifications” describing the Firm’s qualifications and ability to provide the services required in Section II, Scope of Work, of this RFQ. Firm’s response shall clearly demonstrate the required qualifications, expertise, competence, and capability of the Firm along with an understanding of the services to be performed. Costs incurred by firms responding to this RFQ are solely the Firm’s responsibility.  The Statement of Qualifications shall address all of the following:

Firm name, address, telephone number, fax number, contact person, and email address.

Brief description of Firm history and general services for which Firm is qualified.  

Understanding of the scope of work and services requested in this RFQ.

Approach to and plan for managing both Phases of the Project.

Statement of qualifications (such as a brief resume) of all individuals to be assigned to the Project. If outside consultants (sub-consultants) would be involved, provide statement of qualifications of those firms or individuals.

Brief description of project-related experience including contact person and phone numbers for each referenced job. If Firm has conducted previous projects for District or similar projects for Lenoir, Craven, or Jones Counties, briefly describe those projects and include dates of performance.

Copy of Insurance – General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial motor vehicle liability insurance

Copy of licenses necessary to perform services in Section II, Scope of Work.

This RFQ procurement is being conducted in compliance with N.C.G.S. 143-64.31.  Pursuant to North Carolina law, Firms are prohibited from submitting total estimated fees for the Project or generating work product such as conceptual drawing for the Project as part of the solicitation process.  Any response containing information prohibited by state law may be rejected.

B. Oral Presentations

The District reserves the right in its sole discretion to request one or more Firms make oral presentations for clarification or to amplify information contained in the response. Firms are cautioned that the District is not required to request clarification or conduct oral presentations; therefore, all responses must be complete and provide sufficient information to enable the District to evaluate qualifications without further clarification or oral presentations.

C. Response Instructions

Responses shall be made in writing in the official name of the individual, firm, or corporation under which the Firm conducts business (showing official business address) and shall be signed in ink by a person duly authorized to legally bind the Firm. Three (3) printed copies of the response shall be submitted in a sealed envelope delivered via US mail or other similar delivery service addressed to the following (responses submitted by email or other electronic means shall not be accepted):

Earl Harper
Lenoir, Craven, Jones Drainage District #1
Post Office Box 3423
Kinston NC 27502
(252) 560-4800

Responses shall be received by the person at the address listed above no later than 5:00pm on July 15, 2020. Late responses shall not be accepted or considered.

D. Firm Selection

Responses will be reviewed and evaluated based on the information requested in Section III, Response, of this RFQ and, if determined in the sole discretion of the District to conduct oral presentations, additional information obtained during oral presentations. In determining the best qualified firm, District will consider the accuracy and completeness of response as well as the information provided. The Firm deemed best qualified by the District will be selected subject to negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation. Should the District be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the Firm considered to be best qualified, negotiations with that Firm shall be formally terminated. Negotiations will then proceed with the remaining ranked Firms in the same manner until an agreement is reached, unless it is determined by the District that it is in the best interest of the District that the process be terminated.

All Firms will be notified of the District’s selection once a contract has been awarded. The District reserves the right to award a contract to the best qualified firm after successful negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation based on all information provided in the written response without further discussion or interviews.

By submitting a response to this RFQ, Firms acknowledge and agree that a contract awarded pursuant to this RFQ will be funded in part or in whole with federal grant funds subject to 2 CFR Part 200 and that the contract shall include all contract provisions required pursuant to 2 CFR § 200.326.

The District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites responses from small, minority, and women-owned firms, including historically underutilized businesses certified by the NC Office of Historically Underutilized Businesses.


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