Edgecombe County Public Schools- Develop a Parent and Community Educator Academy- Tarboro, North Carolina

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Edgecombe County Public Schools

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3:00 pm


2311 N Main Street, Tarboro, North Carolina, 27886

Project Information

Develop a Parent and Community Educator Academy


2311 N Main Street, Tarboro, North Carolina, 27886

Edgecombe County Public Schools has posted bid 180-07062021 to NC IPS

You are invited to provide a proposal to develop a Parent and Community Educator Academy with a three-prong approach that fosters strong school-community partnerships. The three prongs include educating parents and community educators to support early literacy skills and social-emotional competency; providing guidance and support to parents and community educators in developing the skills to advocate for their students; and creating supportive environments that provide sustainable pathways for those interested in pursuing education.

Scope of Work

• Coordinate with school leadership to plan information and learning sessions.
• Develop content for 6-7 parent and family learning sessions
• Design content to be adaptable for ages 3 thru 2nd grade.
• Lead initial learning sessions.
• Provide facilitator professional development.
• Perform data collection and analysis.
• Provide support to facilitators using a gradual release of responsibility model.

Please send a detailed sample of a 90-minute parent session. Include specific activities and required materials.

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HUB vendors/contractors are encouraged to submit a bid for this project. 

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